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6 tips to grow healthy hair easily

A very common question is how do I get healthier hair? What do I need to eat or do to make sure my hair grows healthy as possible? Which vitamins or minerals should I be taking? Well we’ll give you 6 tips which will help you grow healthier hair. These tips will include how your diet, styling and lifestyle can affect your hair growth. Making these changes, we can guantee that you will see a difference. This is why we are challenging you, yes YOU!!! to do all the 6 steps below and share your results and enter into a giveaway worth £100.

Take care of your scalp

The scalp is essentially the soil for which our hair grows on. If the scalp is unhealthy then guess what? Your hair will be too. So first off we recommend your clean and revitalise your scalp. If you suffer from dandruff then make sure your read our blog on how to get rid of dandruff for some helpful tips. Dandruff can cause the scalp pores to clog up. Which prevents vital mineral your hair need in order to grow getting to your hair. If you suffer from dry a dry scalp we recommend you apply a essential oil. The best oil to apply to hair is cocnut oil. As it is lightweight not too greasy and is a great condition for both skin & hair.

Massage your scalp

This is probably a tip which you already know or have heard of. But many of us still do not do this enough. An easy way to implement this into your daily routine is whenever you wash your hair spend a few minutes massaging your scalp with your fingertips, this will not only benefit your scalp & hair but will wash off dead skin and debris off your scalp which is essential to health hair growth. Massaging your scalp not helps stimulates scalp which reduces stress which can hinder hair growth but also increases blood flow which helps nutrients reach the scalp to allow for healthier hair growth.

Oil your hair once every other week

If you are an avid user of hair spray, styling products and use a lot of heat giving your hair a break it a necessity, especially if you want shiny healthy hair. In the long run constant use of hair spray almost coats the hair shafts. This gives the impression the hair is dull. Oiling your hair will loosen hair product build up. Oiling your hair is also great for hair & scalp. It provides nutrients for healthy hair growth especially if your choose the right essential oils.


Blessman’s scalp & hair rejuvenator is a great way to give your hair a fresh start. Using four key ingredients using cold pressed rosemary, extra virgin coconut oil, extra virgin olive oil & black seed. These four essential oils will be sure to help repair & prevent further damage to your hair & scalp.


Omega 3 & biotin

As far as supplements go omega 3 & biotin are the best supplements to consume if you want healthy hair. Omega 3 is a healthy type of fat our body needs but cannot produce itself. Omega has been found to help relieve symptoms of dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis. Biotin is from the vitamin b chain which helps maintain healthy hair & skin. If you have a healthy diet we strongly recommend that you take a low dosage of these supplements.


It the 21st century and believe or not many people still do not drink enough water. Why is water important for hair you ask? Water is vital for your skin, body and all organs. It helps maintain body temperature, helps maintain the proper function of our brain, live & kidneys. Water cleans out our system of viruses and bacteria. We lose a lot of water from breathing and sweating therefore we need to make sure we top up our bodies water supplies. Often a lack of drinking water can mean dry skin which will cause dandruff, and also dull hair.


adam kuylenstierna

Making sure you get 8 hours of sleep is vital. Now we know that you may be thinking how has me getting 8 hours of sleep help me get healthier hair? Well it can. A rested body will mean that your body will functions at it’s best. Did you know that a person who has less than 7 hours sleep can increase their risk for serious conditions like diabetes mellitus, heart disease, and even death. If you get improper sleep your bodies natural reserve of nutrients, mineral and vitamins get depleted quicker because your body will be working much harder. This in turn means less nutrients, mineral and vitamins for your hair.

We challenge you!!!

Some the tips we’ve given you may have surprised you but these are all important to getting healthier hair. Healthy hair starts from the body and your scalp. Doing all of the above will not only give you healthier hair but a healthier body as well. We challenge you to take all of these tips on board and try it out for 30 days. Show us your results by tweeting us @blessmansblog and you’ll enter into a giveaway. How about that!!!


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till next time!!

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