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Autumn winter fashion

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Autumn/winter season has come again once again. It’s time to put away your t-shirts and shorts and dress to keep warm. Some think that during winter there’s not much you can do to look fashionable. Well that’s not true in fact it’s probably the season we see the evolution of trends and new styles of clothes.  We have listed 5 things that you can wear during this Autumn/winter season to keep looking in trend.  


puffer jacket

Puffer jackets are great for Autumn and winter where it’s obviously a lot chillier outside. Puffer jacket will keep you warm and also make you look fashionable and on trend. A puffer jacket does not need to be zipped up all the time. It can be worn with a sweatshirt, turtle neck or hoodie underneath. The possibilities of layering with a puffer jacket are limitless.  


Puffer jackets come in different colors and designs with some with prints which can be an extra addition you may want to add to your outfits.  


Where to buy from? 

Puffer jackets are available in ASOS, TKMAX, BLUE INC & H&M 



Yes, it’s about that time again to get the turtleneck out again. If you don’t have one then you need one. If you don’t want to wear a Scarfe then a turtleneck can be a great replacement. Turtlenecks when worn right look great and can make you stand out of the crowd. So if you the kind of guy who doesn’t mind the attention then it’s great for you. Turtlenecks are great for layering, they can be worn solo as well. Turtlenecks come in different styles to suit any man’s needs for example if you're looking for a thicker jumper like turtlenecks then there are many available. There are also thinner sweatshirt like turtlenecks as well. This variation gives you a number of designs and styles to choose from.


Where to buy from? 

Turtlenecks can be brought from ASOS , H&M , RIVER ISLAND ,M&S & TKMAXX 


Hi-tops for men

A good pair of shoes is a must during Autumn/winter because this season can bring harsh weather with it. The image above is H&M’s waterproof hi-top with leather mesh. It comes in black, Karki and grey. There are tons of other designs which hi-tops are available in so you can buy a couple of pairs to go with different outfits if you’d like.  This pair above costs £19.00!! 

Hi-top as the name suggests goes higher near to the ankle so it’ll stop cold draft from making it’s way up your leg, pretty sure we’ve all experience this!!! 


borg denim jacket

The borg denim jeans jacket has been consistent in gaining popularity amongst men every year. We think if you already do not own a borg collar denim jacket then you definitely need one!!! 


A borg collar jacket will keep you warm thanks to the denim jean which is created for keeping warm and also with the addition of the borg collar which will protect your neck from the winter breeze. The denim jacket looks great and suit majority of men no matter height or weight because it comes in different sizes and even colors so your spoilt for choice.  


Where to buy from? 


Borg collar jackets are available online and in store. H&M, ASOS, and River island are just some of the create choices. 


denim jeans

This is another essential for the Autumn/winter season. During Autumn it starts getting colder and during winter temperatures can drop very low. Therefore, walking around with trousers made from a thin material may not be a wise choice. A denim jean will keep warmth in and the cold out. There are a ton of choice from color and designs to choose from. Black, white or a light wash blue. There is so much variation in denim jeans to go with any outfit for winter.  

Ripped jeans again is not a wise choice during winter but if you really want to look that bit more different then go for it.    


Hope you’ve enjoyed the read on what to wear this winter. All the items mentioned in this article can come in a huge variation so these items above is a must try for every man this winter.  Do someone a favor and share this article to let them know.


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