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Plastic beauty?

Over the years the beauty industry has grown immensely thanks to technology and age of the internet, with social media platforms consuming more than half of our planets population. We can now buy virtually any beauty product with a few clicks. But how has this increased our plastic use? Is it possible for this huge industry to go plastic free?

Single use plastic

There is no doubt that plastic packaging is cheap. This is why plastic is a popular choice when it comes to many beauty companies because profit margins are higher. Now ask yourself how many beauty/cosmetic products do you have that use plastic? Now just imagine 7 billion people who use beauty products that have some sort of plastic in them in some shape or form. The scale of our plastic use in beauty/personal care products is just mind blowing.

The year 2019 was a eye opening year for the scale of global warming. We are not saying that plastic is the main cause of global warming but it is one of the biggest factors affecting global warming and speeding the process up.

Why plastic?

Plastic use is one of the easiest things to limit in our lives because there are alternative materials which can be used such as recycled glass, recycled paper, recycled metal/aluminium. It's just the matter of being alittle more creative.

Here are some quick facts about plastic:

  • Plastic takes years to degrade potentially releasing harmful chemicals and getting into our food chain by being consumed by animals

  • 8 million tons of plastic are dumped into oceans every year

  • Over 1 million marine animals are killed every year due to plastic

  • 100 billion plastic bottles were sold in the US alone in one year

  • It takes plastic 1,000 years on average to decompose in a landfill

We challenge you to stop using plastic in your beauty products

This may be very hard for some as it is something you depend on everyday but if we do not considerably reduce our plastic use we are potentially putting our planet on the line.

What are the alternatives to plastic beauty? There are many beauty brands selling beauty products without the plastic. Blessman naturals range of hair & skincare range uses zero plastic from production to delivery of the product blessman’s uses zero plastic. Best part is that their products are all plant based so it not only great for the planet but your hair & skin as well.

Have you tried contacting your favourite beauty brands?

You’ll be surprised how many companies are willing to change aspects of their business to suit their customers. Contacting your favourite can be the right move you make in order for them to make the jump to plastic free packaging. The more people which get in touch with the company the better!!! So share it with friend’s family who use the same brands. Your future literally depends on it.

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