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6 of the best women's shoes

to buy-in 2020

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top 6 shoes for women to buy in 2020

We’ve listed the best shoes for women that you definitely must buy-in 2020. There are amazing shoes with different unique designs, materials, and even shapes which makes a great addition to any casual or smart outfit.

Ted Baker Wenil Leather Low Top Floral Printed Sole Trainers, White

Ted Baker is well known for its unique, simple & elegant classy design. So it is not surprising why these trainers by Ted baker may turn a few heads. These shoes being white in itself makes a bold statement but with the added floral pattern it takes it even further. 

Price: £55.00

Shop here: Ted Baker Wenil Leather Low Top Floral Printed Sole Trainers, White

GAIL RW70001074  low tops by Giuseppe Zanotti

Giuseppe Zanotti is an Italian fashion designer. These shoes use silver zippers on each side which are adjustable. It has an elegant but eye-catching design. Made from real leather, this shoe comes in 6 different colors and textures options, which all look equally unique and eye-catching.

Price: £440

Shop here: GAIL RW70001074  low tops by Giuseppe Zanotti

Tommy Hilfiger chunky sole trainers

If you’re the type of person who is into their streetwear gear then this one is for you. The Tommy Hilfiger chunky sole trainers have as the name suggests, an overly oversized soles. If you're short an want to feel taller, these shoes are definitely for you. They have a creative and quirky design that will go with tracksuit bottoms or even with baggy jeans. These trainers are made from a mixture of materials including leather, rubber, polyester & polyurethane.


Price: £115

Shop here: Tommy Hilfiger chunky sole trainers

Nike RYZ 365

When you think Nike, you may not think high fashion because after all, they are a sports brand right? But the Nike ryz 365 compete with the likes of Tommy Hilfiger in the streetwear sector. These trainers can be worn with tracksuit bottoms, baggy jeans or even skinny fit jeans. They have a thick sole similar to the Tommy Hilfiger chunky soles.


Price: £85.00

Shop here: Nike RYZ 365

Nike air max plus lx

The Nike air max plus LX is from the Air Max line of Nike trainers. These trainers are unique, to say the least, at least from a design perspective. It is made up of wavy patterns with highlights of pink and black. Also with the added iconic air bubble with orange highlight. As always these trainers are made with performance in mind but these can also be worn as a fashion statement for sure.


Price: £99-165

Shop here: Nike Air Max Plus LX 

Michael kors Olympia glitter chain-mesh and leather trainer

The Michael kors Olympia glitter chain-mesh and leather trainers are by far of the most uniquely designed trainers we have on this list. This design is inspired by the unit boot but takes many of the aspects of a trainer. These come in 2 different colors one which is rose gold and the other in pale gold.


Price: £195-200

Shop here: Michael kors Olympia glitter chain-mesh and leather trainer


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