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Best bedtime skincare


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bedtime skincsre routine

Our bodies are always at work. Did you know that your body repairs skin and regenerates new skin cells when you're asleep? Our bodies always regenerate skin cells but at night this process increases due to the fact that our bodies are at rest. So how do you take full advantage of this to benefit your skin? We are going to be sharing the best bedtime skincare routine that everyone must do before heading to sleep.

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Top 5 essential oils for hair & skin


1 - wash your face with a cleanser which has activated charcoal

activated charcoal

Many people do not do wash their face before heading to bed. I know yuck! But I am pretty sure everyone has slacked once in a while and we are all guilty of doing this simple task. Your face is full of bacteria from airborne dust, dirt & bacteria sticking to your skin on a daily basis. This mixture of dirt and bacteria gets stuck into your skin & deep within the pores unless it’s washed off. Activated charcoal attaches to dirt stuck deep into the pores which allow for a deeper clean. If you use a cleanser that does not have activated charcoal it may not be cleaning deep with the skin pores, which can cause inflammation often seen as acne and spots.

skin cleanser

Natural skin cleanser with activated charcoal

Blessman naturals skin cleanser uses a mixture of essential oils and activated charcoal. It is filled with natural ingredients like rosemary which stimulates blood flow and soothes skin and gives a massaging effect on the skin. Tea tree oil is a natural anti-septic and kills bacteria & fungus which often is found deep in the pores of the face that can be the cause of painful acne spots forming. And activated charcoal which attracts dirt from deep within the pores for a deep clean. Lastly, olive oil adds back the moisture lost from cleansing to help rebalance the skins natural oil production. The best part is there are no preservatives, parabens, color or artificial fragrance just cold-pressed, unrefined ingredients. Shop here

2 – Use a derma roller

derma roller

You may have heard of a derma-roller. If you have not then it looks and sounds scary but it is basically a roller that has small needles. The sizes of the needles differ, they do sting but the pain is not unbearable. Why try derma-roller? Well, derma-roller encourages the production of collagen which is essential part of skin regeneration. Derma roller has been shown to help reduce wrinkles & minor scaring. It also helps increase blood stimulation to the face which helps encourage skin healing. We recommend you do not use a derma roller if you suffer from mild to severe acne as it may just cause more harm than good. 

How to use a derma roller?

1- Wash face of dirt & sweat

2- Apply an essential oil we recommend coconut oil or olive oil. Applying oils such as rosemary or tea tree may sting.

3- Gentle roller the derma roller over the face. Do not apply pressure. Use the roller in various directions for the best results.

Note that your skin may bleed a little this is normal when you use a derma roller the first time.

3 – Do not to moisturize before bed
nigh creams

You may be surprised to hear this but give this a try. When we sleep we sweat and are most likely sleeping with our face making contact with the pillow (unless you sleep standing). This attracts a lot of dust & dirt from the pillow which manages to get into the skin pores. This is why you may find that your face feels clammy and greasy when you wake up. Without applying a moisturizer your skin will naturally level the amount of oil on your skin. One tip to help you with this is to use a cleanser that does not dry the skin. As most cleansers dry out the skin you most likely will find yourself needing to moisturize. We recommend you use a natural cleanser & yes they do work as well if not better for your skin. Try our Skin cleanser which is SLS, paraben & preservative-free.

4 – Relax & breathe

So many people will not see this as part of their sleeping skincare routine but we believe this is equally as important. If you want your body to do a good job you need to make sure you are relaxed. Deep sleep is the key to allowing your body to help heal the body when you are asleep. The sleep foundation found the 3rd & 4th stages of sleep this is when your body is in deep rest this is when tissue & muscle repair starts. Taking a few deep breaths in and out before sleeping can help increase the deep sleep stages of your sleep. Better sleep has also been linked to better skin health as well. So get your sleep!!!

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