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Top 6 hairstyle for men


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top 6 hairstyles for men

We are nearly three months into 2020 and we have already seen a fair share of new hairstyles for 2020. We’ve listed the top 6 hairstyles for men. We took into consideration hair type, length and face shape so there’s a hairstyle that will suit every style no matter how long your hair is or your face shape. So let's dive in.

1 – Short naturally styled dyed hair

So recently we’ve noticed that the short hair phenomenon, but not just any short hairstyle. This hairstyle is short of the same size all over almost like the buzz cut but a little longer a size 4-5cm. We’ve seen this hairstyle on celebrities such as Olly Murs & Justin Bieber. Zac Efron also has been seen rocking this hairstyle as well but with the top being a little longer than the sides. If you already have short hair then this hair cut is great as it is low maintenance and requires very little to no styling. If you do decide to style it then we recommend a low strength clay. Try the Black label clay it has a ton of awesome reviews and does a great job at giving a versatile hold.

2 -   Short back and side with a low fade

The short back and side has been in trend forever. It has definitely evolved and still has many iterations. So far in 2020, we've seen short back and sides with a low fade on the side. The top can be left long or short but a shorter hair length on the top is more popular. Your hair can be styled coming forward with very little product for a more natural look which we have seen with this style of hair.

We recommend you use clay for this hairstyle with a little hairspray to keep everything in place.


What to ask your barber?


If you want this hairstyle, ask for a short back and side with a low fade. For the best result, we recommend you get no less than a size 1 on the sides. For the top, if you already have hair which is a length 5-6cm then leave it as it is. If you have hair which is longer get it down to 5-6cm for the best results.

3 -  Natural hairstyle with long sides

We’ve seen a common trend in 2020 which is that many hairstyles are naturally styled. The days of using a tone of gel, wax, clay are going off trend. This hairstyle takes this even further with overgrown sides which gives it a more natural look which gives it a more masculine look. This hairstyle is better suited for men with a beard as the side almost blends in with the sides.

4 – High fade with top short

The short back and sides are featuring again. This time with a higher fade. This hairstyle looks great on men with a small-medium jaw. Having a beard will help blend in with the sides. With this hairstyle, we recommend having the sides cut to a size zero or a skin fade. The top should be cut short a length of 3-5cm this is a perfect size for this type of hairstyle.

How to style?

This hairstyle is low maintenance so we recommend you use clay, putty or paste any would do. It is not recommended to use hairspray because of the length of the hair after all hairspray will provide not additional hold anyway. 

5 – Naturally styled crop cut 

The crop cut made a debut last year in 2019. It has not gone out of fashion but it's not as popular. We have still seen it but we recommend as many hair trends in 2020 have leaned toward a natural look we think if you do try this hairstyle you should take the natural route. And we've seen men rock this hairstyle with very very little to no product. When you style the top apply minimal amounts of products just to add texture. The side can be faded a medium or low fade is recommended.

What to ask the barber for this cut?

If you want this hair cut then ask for a short back and side with a low or medium fade. If your hair is already between 3-5cm then leave it at its current size but if on the other hand, it is longer than that then get it cut down a little. 


How to style?

To style with this haircut we recommend you use clay with medium hold. Style the top toward the front. As your going for a natural look minimal effort is needed to style.

6 – Messy quiff

For guys with long hair who are still in love with the quiff how about a more naturally styled quiff? The natural quiff is basically inspired by the quiff but a messy relaxed version. For this style, it is recommended you have medium length low faded sides so that the hairstyle still looks clean.


What to ask your barber?

If you want this hairstyle, ask for a low fade leaving the side as a size no less than a size 2. For the top, we recommend at least 6-8cm so if you have long hair, we recommend you get it cut down a little so the style does not just fall flat.


How to style?

As this hairstyle is for men with longer hair we recommend a medium hold clay. You can also apply a bit of low strength hairspray for extra hold without freezing the style in place. Style naturally.

So here it is. The top 6 hairstyles for men. We’ve seen a trend towards naturally styled hair. It's great because it means less time & effort and fewer hair products. Who knows in 2021 you might be able to get away with not styling your hair at all.  If you’ve got afro hair we’ve got you covered. We will be releasing a blog shortly for the top 6 styles for men with afro hair. So keep posted by subscribing to our email list. Make sure to like and share. We can even personalize email notification for specific subject areas. After signing up just let us know via email.

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