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Trends come and go. Same with hairstyles they come in style quite quickly go out of trend as well. Men are always looking for new hairstyles to try but what if you didn’t have to? Well, you don’t. These classic hairstyles have been specifically selected because they have never gone out of fashion and they won't anytime soon either. If your one of them guys who thinkS there are no classic hairstyle which will suit you, think again because there is, no matter your hair type, length or your face shape.


The classic slick back has always been on trend, the slick back craze started around the 1950's and was brought to the world stage after it was seen on many well-known celebrities. Since then it has changed but not drastically. Now celebrities rock the slick back with shorter sides and some even with medium sized hair. The slick back will give off a bold and masculine look if that's what you're after. 


How to style for slick back hair? 


The slick back will suit guys with straight long hair although wavey hair can also be style like a slick back but will need to be straightened for a better hold. Firstly, start by washing hair with a shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo will wash out any residue left from products and remove excess oil and buildup, which is the last thing you need when doing a slick back. The conditioner will add moisture to the hair allowing for more control and versatility which is needed for a slick back. 


Products to style with


We recommend you use a pomade weather its water based or oil based does not really matter, each has its own positives and negatives. A great Pomade to use is Uppercut Deluxe Pomade. It’s a well-known Pomade brand and one of their products from their product line. This product has a sweet vanilla aroma with a firm hold and easy to wash out. An all-around great product.   

The slick back can be worn on any occasion whether it’s a formal event or not. That’s why its so great! 

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The French crops is another one of these hairstyles that have always been seen on guys all year round no matter which year. The French crop is a short back and side with a medium fade. It suits most hair types, straight, curly, afro or coarse hair. The top will need to a bit short and the fringe kept a little longer.  


How to style? 


Its also easy to style, it's not really meant for neat hairstyles, it works great with messy hairstyles without much effort needed in the morning. Products such as waxes or clays with medium to low hold will be great. The sides will need to be faded every 2 to 3 weeks to allow the fade to show.  


The French top is one of the most versatile hairstyles on this list of classic hairstyles because it can be worn in any occasions whether it's formal or informal and any season whether its summer or winter. Now in 2018, the French crop is one of the most popular hairstyles amongst teenagers with minor changes to the original style but now with wavy hair. This goes to show this hairstyle style wont be out of fash any time soon. 



This is a timeless hairstyle worn by everyone from some of the most well know celebrities who have rocked it such as Nick Jonas, Zayn Malik, Joe Jonas and many more. This hairstyle is great for men blessed with a chiseled face. The style gives off a masculine clean look. It is suited to any occasions so long your style it right. You can have a fade on the sides this will help make the buzz cut suit your face shape. The buzz cut also requires very little to no hair product at all. So, it's very low maintenance, perfect for the guys with busy lives who do not want to constantly worry about their hair.  


The buzz cut can be adapted to the different face shapes, so go to a professional barber. They will cut your hair the right size which suits you and your face. Men with a smaller face may suit shorter sides whereas men with a bigger face may not so leave it to the professionals.  

Even though we recommend not using any products on a buzz cut a molding crème will be great to mold your hair as short hair can be stubborn and prone to frizziness therefore this product will help. Remembering that a little really does go along way with short hair.  


The classic pompadour is still in fashion. Many celebrities have rocked it over the years such as Elvis Presley, David Beckham, and Zayn Malik. With subtle changes to the classic pompadour which have happened over time, but relatively still remain the timeless hairstyle that it is. The classic pompadour is a great hairstyle for formal events such as weddings or any other formal events which require smart clothing but for parties this hairstyle is not so great.  


The hairstyle requires a good product with high hold. If you have long hair, this is the hairstyle for you. Great types of product which can be used is a good pomade. We recommend Suavecito  Pomade. This is a trusted hair products brand. With hundreds of happy customers, we are sure you’ll be happy with this product. It’ll keep your hair in place throughout the whole day and is easy to wash out.  

The classic Pompadour needs a lot of time to styleFirstly, washing your hair, drying it and then styling it can take a lot of time. So, if you’re a busy person this may not be the style for you. But there are different variations of this hairstyle, for example, a laid-back version which gives a messy look. This requires less product and can be done with hair which already has product in it.  



This hairstyle will never go out of fashion. It easy to style and can be styled with any hair type whether its straight, wavey or coarse, the variations are unlimited. It’s as simple as brushing over to either side whether it is against the hair grain or not is purely your choice. Having the side parting against will give it more volume which some of you guys may appreciate with finer hair.



The side parting can be worn literally on any occasion because it's so versatile. The side can be styled to be neat or messy so it great for formal and informal events. You also won't require a lot of hair product or time for a good side parting hairstyle. Some great hair products to use are fiber clays/ clays or waxes, gels can be used as well but its just a bit out of fashion, unlike this hairstyle. We recommend the products below.


This will give you more movability for your hair so you can still run your fingers through it without completely losing the style. 



The side parting does need to be maintained. A good side parting will have a clear visible side parting, therefore, tell your barber to make a line on the side which your hair is going against. Just tell your barber which side you want your side part to go and they will style your hair appropriately. Also cutting the side of your hair will make the side parting stand out doing this every other week will be great.  

Well this is it for the top 5 classic hairstyle for men which will never go out of style. The styles we see to this day have all taken inspiration for one of these hairstyles whatever it may be. These classic hairstyles are great for anyone to try so let us know which one of these styles you think is best suited to yourself.  


Quote of the day:


"Self-confidence is the best outfit, rock it and own it"


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