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Supplementation to many people is nothing new. As our lives get busier we tend to forget about what we are eat causing our eating habits to go out of control. Everyone needs specific vitamins and minerals which are in foods but in order to get all the minerals and vitamin we need, can be challenging as we need to eat a vast variety of foods, fruit, and veg. But who’s got time for that? Some vitamins and mineral need to be supplemented as the body cannot naturally create them so either taking a supplement is easier than eating an entire can of tuna, for example, to get your daily recommended Omega 3. With so many varieties of vitamins now as well it can be confusing for many people. So we came up with the best supplement you should be taking. 



An A-Z multivitamin will have at least 20 vital vitamins we need. A Multi-vitamin tablet will help meet your daily recommend dosage of most of the vitamins and mineral you need. The purpose of multi-vitamin is not to replace food so making sure you are still eating the right foods is still important. But the multi-vitamin will cut the amount of food you will need to eat in order to meet your daily recommended dosage of all the required vitamins and minerals. 



There are many brands which boast about that their multivitamins are better than their competitors. Do not fall for this marketing tactic. There is no scientific evidence that one multi-vitamin works better than another. All multi-vitamins are the same. A quicker absorbing multi-vitamin will make virtually no difference at all. A more expensive multi-vitamin will also not work any better than a cheaper store brand alternative either so look past the marketing done by companies.   

2 - OMEGA 3

omega 3

Omega 3 is not produced by the body. Therefore the only way that the body get Omega 3 is through foods or supplements. Many supplements provide way above the daily recommended sometimes 5 times the amount actually needed. Omega 3 is essential in psychological health. Studies have found evidence that Omega 3 which has fatty acid can help moderate depression. It also helps with hair loss, joint problems as well. Omega 3 has many benefits, therefore, a supplement is important unless you eat plenty of fish.  Any naturally oily foods



Fibre is a very important nutrient. Fibres we are talking about are dietary. Dietary fibres can be digested by your body. Dietary fibres are important for gut health. Bacteria in your gut live off dietary fibre and a lack of this means good bacteria which your gut needs can die to cause bad bacteria to thrive causing an array of problems such as leaky gut which can cause damage to your body and vital organs. Dietary fibre can be found in fruits, veg, nuts and seeds. Daily recommended is 30g a day. A supplement can mean that you’ll meet this daily recommended dosage as recent studies show that people fail to meet the recommend amount of dietary fibre.  


vitamin d

Vitamin D is a key vitamin that your body needs for keeping bone structures strong. Without enough vitamin D your body will not be able to absorb calcium. People living in hot countries where the sun is always visible will not need vitamin D so much as they probably get enough. But people in counties with a colder environment should consider taking a Vitamin D supplement.  

It's easy to take a supplement but in order to get the best out of supplements, they need to be taken with food. This is because certain vitamins work only if another is present in the body.


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