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Hair loss in men

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When you start losing hair it's very stressful and many men think that theres not much they can do about it. Well, at least that’s what they think. If you are losing your hair and want straight facts then continue reading. You can reduce and even stop hair loss as there are treatments for it with limited side effects. We will talk about the causes of hair loss and natural ways of decreasing hair loss and yes you heard right it is possible to reduce hair loss through natural mean though it does require more effort. We also talk about treatments involving medications. so continue reading.

How do you know your blading?

Hair loss in men

Well the first step is, are you actually balding? Many people misdiagnose their hair fall and hair loss. Every living person and even animals loose hair. Humans loose around 50-100 hair per day. So how do you know if your losing more hair than this amount? Collect all the hair which fall out and also collect all the hair that fall out during shampoo and conditioning. Use a hair collector this will just collect all the hair that fall off. Then start counting. If there is more than 110 hairs then you may be losing your hair abnormally. This is hair loss. Also you can tell if your balding by looking for bald spots. Bald spots are round in shape and have only a few hairs growing out of it compared to the rest of your head, and can be most commonly found at the back of the scalp and also some cases in the front near the hair line.

There are other way of testing to see if you loosing hair. So grab a chunk of your hair between you fingers and pull lightly. DO NOT PUT EXCESSIVE FORCE this will damage the hair. After you lightly tug your hair look to see how many hairs have come out. If it’s 1-3 hairs then its normal but if it 5-8 hairs then your losing your hair.

Now that you know your suffering from hair loss what do you do now?

Do not panic. Losing hair has many causes and some hair loss is normal after stressful periods. Did you know that you may notice hair loss months after a stressful period? Hair loss connected to stress is not permanent and you’ll notice less and less hair fall after the periods of stress. But if you continue to see hair loss at the same rate then go to your doctor. Research as much as you like on the internet but you will never be sure until you go to a doctor as they will do blood tests and other required tests to check if you are low on any vitamins or mineral as this can also be the cause. There are also certain illnesses and hair loss may be a symptom of the illness. So make sure you go to a doctor.

Causes of hair loss?

unhealthy eating and hair loss

As I’ve mentioned before it is important that you see a doctor before you self-diagnose as you could be trying to treat something you don’t have. That being said there are a number of causes of hair loss. Diet, stress, medication, underlying illnesses, skin disorders, hormones and deficiency. Hairloss can be caused by diet. A diet lacking in the right nutrients and minerals can cause hair loss. If your one of them guys which has a lot of processed foods then this may be the cause because processed foods lack beneficial nutrients such as zinc, fibre and vitamins. In order for the hair to be able to grown at a healthy rate you need to feed it the right stuff. Your body has a set of priorities it give your vital organs such as heart, brain, live, kidney, lungs, digestive system and all the other organ you can name which are more important in order to keep you alive other than your hair. So your body will naturally priorities these organs before your hair. So you hair will get all the left over resources and essentially your hair is the by product of resources your body has left over. So if you want your hair you need to be eating the right amount of all the nutrients and mineral that are required.

Hormones are also a cause of temporary hair loss as big change happen within the bidy which can cause of hair loss. We all go through hormonal changes and for everyone it happens at different times. These changes in the body can mean that your body uses a lot of the resources normally which will be used by the hair therefore a lack of these resource means less for your hair. Whether hair loss is caused by hormonal changes can only be found out if you have tests done by a professional doctor.

Skin disorders such as dry skin, psoriasis, and seborrheic dermatitis are all skin disorders which can increase the amount of hair fall. This is because skin disorders tend to be inflammatory diseases which inflame the skin almost suffocating the skin and hair follicles beneath it. Treating skin disorders is important. So getting the right treatment is important. If skin disorders are under control rate hair loss will also fall. Diet can also be connected to skin disorders as well. Read more on this here how hair loss is causes by skin disorders.

Underlying illnesses and medication can also cause hair loss. Medications can cause hair loss as one of its side effects so any medication you are taking read the side effects. Some underlying illnesses can also cause hair loss. Hair loss very rarely can sometimes can be one of the symptoms of illnesses such as cancer, thyroid disease, alopecia and many more. These illnesses very rarely go unnoticed before you start losing hair.


Hair loss supplements

Although losing hair is a horrible experience especially when your guy as your hair is just about the only thing you probably take pride in. There are some treatments which actually work. We’ll start off with medications which have some side effects then move on to natural remedies which studies have show to work as well.


You’ve probably heard of this one. Minoxidil is a treat for hair loss and even hereditary hair loss as well. Minoxidil is a very popular treatment amongst men around the world because it works. Minoxidil sees about 84% success rate from tests conducted on men around the world. Minoxidil has some side effects these are not life threatening. Some of these side effects include acne and facial and body hair. Minoxidil is an external treatment.


Finasteride is taken as a pill unlike Minoxidil. Finasteride works by blocking DHT which is the main cause of hair loss. Well this sounds better right? Attacks the cause of the issue. Well it comes with many side effects. Reducing DHT it also disrupts testosterone which is a male hormone which affects sex drive. Decreasing testosterone meaning a lower sex drive. Some men have reported having permanent damage such as erectile dysfunction.



Porcapil is a new treatment and works as good as minoxidil. This is an external formula and works by blocking and inhibiting dht near the hair shaft. It also increases blood flow to the sclap which increases hair growth and hair strength. This formula is available only in a limited places and also now comes in some hair loss shampoos.


Natural treatments

There are natural treatments to help reduce hair loss and have been proven to work.

Consuming Pumpkin seeds and green tea

Pumkin seed are high in Zinc, which is a common mineral which people who suffer from hairloss are deficient in. Pumkin seeds as well as green tea have been proven to be able to block DHT, which is the cause of hair loss. Consuming a handful of pumkin seeds and atleast 2 cups of green tea is sufficient to be able to see result. Result with natural means are slower so expect to see results in around 3 months of constant use.


Consuming collagen

Collagen can be found in our bodies but a lot of people just do not get enough from their diets. The only way to get collagen from your diet is through broths such as chicken bone broth for example. So if your not eat bone broth your not consuming collagen. It is recommended that you consume a collagen supplement if you cannot get any collagen. There are many inexpensive collagen formula derived from natural sources on the market which can last up to a month. Collagen can help thicken hair an repair damaged hair. People taking collagen have reported to see less hair fall and thicker hair.

Use rosemary essential oil

Using rosemary essential oil is another great option. Make sure if you do buy it from online it is only 100% rosemary essential oil which contain no carrier oils such as mineral oil. It is recommended when you apply it you apply with olive oil or coconut oil because rosemary can sting and even burn skin if applied by its own. Rosemary essential oil increases blood flow and is also a natural ant-septic and fights off fungus which cause skins disorders such as dandruff.

Virgin olive oil

Recent studies have shown that elements in olive oil can help strengthen hair and even combat hair loss. Read this study here about the effect of olive oil on hair loss compared to minoxidil.

So I hope that this article has been informative and helpful. Hair loss can be caused by various reasons. It is also said that stress plays one of the most important factors. Stress has been linked to hair loss, with our personal lives getting busier and work pressures pilling up it can be easy for us to get stressed out. Studies have shown that a few minutes of deep breathing can dramatically reduce stress levels in the body. Doing meditation is, therefore, advised not just for hair loss but meditation also has many benefits for the body as well.

If you suffer from hair loss or you know someone who does you are not the only one there is a whole community of people out there who suffer from hair loss. Visit hair loss talks . It is a hair loss forum where people from all over the world talk about hair loss and treatments that have work for them etc. so make sure you visit them.

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