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Almond oil has a variety of uses. It can be used in foods as part of a healthy diet. Almond oil has many good fats which are beneficial to our bodies, hair & skin. Our almond oil is sustainably sourced and cold pressed for best quality assurance. Our planet needs your help, we use 99% less plastic in our packaging so you’ll be doing our planet & your skin a favour.  


For skin 

Almond is rich in vitamins which benefits skin, such as vitamin E. Almond is easily absorbed by the skin due to it light viscosity whilst having a sweet fragrance making it a perfect everyday moisturizer. Almond also makes a great natural make up remover/cleanser. Almond oil gently breaks down makeup dirt etc., due to it lightweight almond oil also washes off skin very easily without leaving skin feeling greasy so you no longer need to use harsh cleansers. 


Almond oil is an amazing natural emollient to help re-condition dry skin. If you suffer from dry skin, almond oil helps lock in moisture as it is better absorbed by the skin. Almond oil helps fix the cause of dry skin by balancing skin oil production which allows almond oil to have long term benefits when applied daily for skin.  


For hair 

Almond oil is rich in vitamin e which adds skin and helps reverse damage done to hair by heat & sun. Almond oil is a lightweight oil so it can be used as a leave in hair serum without the worry of weighing down the hair or making it feel greasy.  


To use almond as a leave in, start off by adding 2-5 drops of almond and rubbing into your palms and then applying it to the hair we don’t recommend you add to scalp it you are leaving it in, add more it needed but remember a little goes a long way. 


Almond oil can be used as a deep condition hair mask as well. Start by apply 5-10 drops of almond and rubbing into palms first then gently apply to hair & scalp.  


Pure sweet almond oil

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