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Pure unrefined, undiluted ylang ylang essential oil. We ensure that our essential oil is picked from the highest quality ylang ylang flow patch. Ylang ylang comes from a tree called Cananga odorata and is native to India. Ylang ylang has been a long kept secret of India for medicinal purposes and relief of stress & anxiety. Commonly used during meditation to help calm nerves & stress. 


- Ylang ylang can be used on skin as it has anti-aging properties and anti-bacterial properties which make it an amazing face cleanser. 


- Ylang ylang is perfect to add as a bath oil help to relax muscles & ease muscle aches


- Buying from blessman's means sustainable farming of ylang ylang and fair treatment of farmers, no animal testing, zero parabens, preservatives and chemical free farming practises 


- We are on a mission to help reduce plastic & we want to make it easier for you to do so. This is why all our products either use zero plastic or 95% less plastic. Throughout our entire business process we use only 2% plastic we hope to get this to 0%, so thank you for helping our planet in advance.

Pure ylang ylang essential oil

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