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Pure rosemary essential oil mixed with pure cold pressed Jamaican black castor oil. Rosemary essential oil stimulates hair growth whilst Jamaican black castor oil deeply conditions and moisturises.


Rosemary & Jamaican castor oil for hair growth - Rosemary oil stimulates blood flow which provides hair roots with the vital nutrients that it needs to be able to grow healthy, shiny, strong hair whilst jamaican castor oil adds moisture that is lost throughout the day and from the use of harsh shampoos, hair products & heat. It also helps reduce dandruff which stops premature hair loss.


For body - This oil can be used after a shower or bath to help remoisturizes your skin. Jamaican castor oils helps lock in moisture which helps prevent dry skin and flaking.


No harsh chemicals-  This product only uses pure rosemary essential oil and pure cold-pressed Jamaican castor oil nothing else. As this product is oil based the need to harsh chemicals and preservative is not needed.


Not tested on animals -  None of our products are tested on animals and we stand against animal testing.


Less plastic - By shopping with us you will be helping the planet as our products use on average 98% less plastic. Any plastic used is to make our products easier to use/apply and is recycled plastic. 


Less waste and low carbon footprint - We make sure to cut back as much as possible on wasteful packaging without compromising on quality so our products may not come in the most fancy packaging but this allows us to keep more waste out of our landfills and helps keep our carbon footprint low. It also keeps our prices low, a win-win!!




Pure rosemary and Jamaican black castor oil for hair growth & body

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