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Feel the earthy tranquility of the tropics with our pure patchouli essential oil. This aromatic oil can transport you to a peaceful state of mind with its warm, rich, sweetly herbaceous aroma.

Key features:

100% pure patchouli oil

Steam distilled from patchouli leaves

No fillers, bases or additives

Not tested on animals

Recycled and eco-friendly packaging


Let the earthy, exotic aroma of patchouli oil calm your mind and soothe your senses. The sweet, musky fragrance is known for its relaxing and grounding properties that can ease anxious feelings and help combat stress. A few drops can be added to a diffuser, bath, or massage oil for a serene aromatherapy experience.


Our patchouli oil is made for anyone looking to benefit from the meditative fragrance of this ancient botanical. Escape the chaos of everyday life with the tranquil scents of the tropics.


As an unadulterated, undiluted oil, our patchouli requires no harsh chemicals or preservatives. We are also committed to ethical, eco-friendly production - never testing on animals, minimizing plastic use in packaging, and maintaining a small carbon footprint from farm to bottle.

Pure patchouli essential oil for aromatherapy haircare & skincare | less plastic

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