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Pure & natural rose geranium oil is extracted from leaves and stem of the rose geranium plant. Our geranium oil is undiluted & unrefined to preserve the delicate properties of geranium oil. Our product are also sustainably sourced to help protect our planet & fair treatment of farmers. All our products are made to order so we provide fresh geranium oil to increase potency.


Geranium oil can be used for aromatherapy as its scent helps ease anxiety, it has many benefits for skin it stimulates blood flow allowing a balanced amount of skin regeneration therefore allowing your skin to look youthful. Rose geranium oil also has antioxidant which protect skin from free radicals which can be found on skin that cause skin reactions, rash & acne. 



- We are on a mission to help reduce plastic & we want to make it easier for you to do so. This is why all our products either use zero plastic or 99% plastic free. Throughout our entire business process we use only 2% plastic we hope to get this to 0%, so thank you for helping our planet in advance.



Pure geranium essential oil

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