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Blessman's pure moringa seed oil is cold pressed from seeds of the moringa tree. The extraction process allows the retention of the properties of moringa oil unlike heat extraction which usually disturbs the delicate properties of the oil. 


Moringa seed is a balanced oil, not too dense or too light, this allows for it to be extremely versatile for multiple uses such as body oils, skin creams, bath oil & mixed with essential oil. Moringa seed oil is nutritionally full of fatty acids & vitamin such as B and C. The combination of these healthy fatty acids & vitamins is perfect for skin and hair. 


Moringa seed oil may help treat dry skin, eczema & psoriasis. And due to its anti-inflammatory properties it can also help treat and reduce acne.


Help cut back on plastic.


Blessman's loves making natural products powered by essential oils with zero preservative, parabens & anything artificial because it's important that products are natural and safe for all our amazing customers. Whilst doing this we want to protect our planet. All our products come in, an average 90% plastic free packaging. The last 10% comes from recycled plastics & aluminium. We are always looking for ways to reduce our plastic usage wherever possible. 



As with all cosmetic products we suggest you do a patch test before full application on skin. Please read the full list of ingredients on the back of the label.




Pure cold pressed moringa seed oil

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