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Blessmannatural’s pure and natural Argan oil is 100% cold-pressed pure & organic. We source all our products from certified sustainable manufacturers to help create our products without harming our environment.


  • 100% pure cold-pressed Argan oil
  • Sourced from organic & sustainable manufactures
  • Antiaging skin properties
  • Our Argan oil is high in vitamin E , omega 6 & powerful antioxidants to help restore & repair skin this also helps protects hair from heat damage
  • No plastic packaging to help protect our planet
  • No parabens, preservative, artificial fragrances, GMO, Hexane free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Not tested on animals


Argan oil is a natural oil that comes from the Kernels of the argan tree also known as Argaspinosa L. These trees grow mainly in morocco. Argan oil has many natural properties from its ability to reduce wrinkles and make skin & hair look healthier it also has antioxidants that protect skin & hair from free radicals which can often cause skin problems. Argan oil also helps restored damaged hair and protects it from further heat damage.


Why choose our oils?


Blessman naturals source all ingredients from organic, sustainable, and soil association compliant manufacturers to help make sure all products are at the highest quality & cause no harm to our planet or animals. We also cold-press our oils so the natural properties are not lost which in many cases is if heat is used. We also make sure the oils are unrefined which many other suppliers do not do. Buying Blessman naturals protects the earth from plastic waste as we use zero plastic in our products or in any of our packaging. We have also partnered up with Weforest who are on a mission to plant millions of trees all around the world to reduce global warming. Find out more on their website.

Pure cold-pressed Argan oil

  • All our products are deliveryed using a standard delivery service which take 3-5 days after dispatch unless you have purchased an expedited shipping method. If you find that you have not received your product(s) after this estimated delivery period please do not hesitate to contact us. Our products are tracked and we can quickly resolve the issue for you. We will always offer a full refund for order which are lost and a second option to resend the product(s).



    We have a 15 day return policy. The products must be unused, unopen in order to qualify for a refund or exchange. Please do not send your products without getting in touch with us  we will not be able to take accountability if the package is lost on its way back so please email us before you send back.

    If you are returning an unused, unopen product because you no long want it we will also for a return and the cost of postage will need to be paid by buyer.

    The product was incorrect we will ask you to get in touch with us will offer you a full refund or an exchange. (if you opt for an exchange the correct product will be sent out the next day on a expedited delivery)

    If you are unhappy with the product(s) you have used we ask you to get in touch as we always want to help our customers no matter what and put a smile on their faces.


    Contact us via email:


    Please add your order number so we can promptly resolve your problem.


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