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Pure bentonite powder is also known as Indian healing clay. Bentonite is high in minerals which are needed for our skin to remain healthy which often our skin lacks due to number of products we use, pollutants which block & clog skin pores. Using bentonite clay powder once a week as a face mask helps rebalance the natural minerals present in our skin which form a natural barrier that helps & protects the skin from bacteria which often penetrates pores causing acne & spots etc.  


- Pure premium bentonite clay no fillers added at all

- High in natural minerals 

- reduce & combat the cause of acne

- Face mask

- easy to mix

- Plastic-free packaging 


How to make a face mask with bentonite clay?


Add 1 table spoon of bentonite clay


Add 1 and a half  table spoon of water mix until smooth and apply, that's it!!


We also sell a ready mixed bentonite clay pot so check it out.  


We believe natural resources are best unprocessed to help conserve as much natural properties as possible. Our bentonite clay powder is pure with no fillers added at all bentonite is soft at the touch so rest assured you get the best quality product. Global warming is real and we are running our of time, by purchasing from us you also help reduce plastic waste, we are committed to using less plastic in all our products & throughout our entire business. This product uses zero plastic.




Pure bentonite clay powder calcium bentonite| Plastic free packaging

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