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 100% peppermint essential oil undiluted. Peppermint has a cool fresh menthol aroma and is yellowish or clear in color depending on species and time harvested. 


  • Freshly made to order so you get fresh products made just for you  

  • 100% cruelty free products 

  • Preservative & paraben free product 

  • 99% less plastic in our packaging  

  • Sustainably sourced ingredients 


Peppermint essential oil has benefits for skin,body & mind. It is a natural antiseptic which inhibits the growth of bacteria. It can be used to spot treat acne or spots in order to use to treat acne or spots we suggest you mix with a carrier oil coconut oil is best and rub around spot or acne & leave overnight. The menthol found in peppermint inhibits the growth of bacteria and kill off the bacteria. We do not advise peppermint to be applied to broken/open skin as peppermint does sting.  

Peppermint is also suitable for baths, just add a few drops to bath water and enjoy. Peppermint can sting if it gets into contact with open skin wounds.  


Peppermint is a natural antidepressant and can help fight mental fatigue, tiredness. It can helps relieve headaches & margarines. Take 1-2 drops apply to forehead and around nose and nasal area and also inhale directly from the bottle.  


Please use a carrier oil when using peppermint. 



Pure peppermint essential oil

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