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Our organic shea butter is comes from fair trade certified producers from the Karitè tree. Shea butter is known for it ability to eve able to lock in moisture by creating a smooth barrier that seal in moisture this makes shea butter great moisturiser. Shea butter is filled with health fatty acids which is needed for healthy skin & helps sooth dry skin without leaving a greasy feel. 


Anti-aging properties

Research has shown that shea butter may have anti-again properties due to it being able to aid in healthy skin regeneration & promote the production of collagen which Is needed for healthy skin. 



Studies from the science publishing group has found links between shea butter & reduction of skin related inflammation. Shea butter can help sooth rash, dry skin etc. 



Ingredients: Organic shea butter


Shea butter body butter | Skin moisturiser | Blessman naturals

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