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Blessman natural’s pure and natural Rosehip seed oil is 100% cold-pressed pure undiluted & organic. We source all our products from certified sustainable manufacturers to help create our products without harming our environment.


  • 100% pure cold-pressed Rosehip seed oil
  • Sourced from organic & sustainable manufactures
  • Natural anti-aging properties
  • Rosehip seed oil can be used to moisturize skin no matter skin type
  • Use as a skin cleanser or makeup remover
  • Has essential fatty acids
  • No plastic packaging to help protect our planet
  • No parabens, preservative, artificial fragrances, GMO, Hexane free
  • Not tested on animals



Our Rosehip seed oil is organic & cold-pressed with zero additives, parabens, or preservative just 100% pure Rosehip seed oil. Rosehip seed oil comes from the wild rose bush also known as Rosa moschata or Rosa rubiginosa. Rosehip seed is renowned for its anti-aging properties and making skin look younger & healthier. Rosehip seed oil is also commonly used as a natural moisturizer as it is suitable for all skin types.  




Why choose our oils?


Blessman naturals source all ingredients from organic, sustainable, and soil association compliant manufacturers to help make sure all products are at the highest quality & cause no harm to our planet or animals. We also cold-press our oils so the natural properties are not lost which in many cases is if heat is used. We make sure all our ingredients are unrefined which many other suppliers do not do. Buying Blessman naturals protects the earth from plastic waste because we use zero plastic in our products or in any of our packaging. We have partnered up with Weforest who are on a mission to plant millions of trees all around the world to reduce global warming. Find out more on their website

Pure Organic Rosehip seed oil

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