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Pure certified organic extra virgin coconut oil sourced from sustainable coconut farms. Cold pressed to preserve the delicate properties of extra virgin coconut oil. Coconut oil is known for its amazing benefits to skin well extra virgin coconut oil is more potent as it is less processed than normal coconut oil this means that the natural properties, minerals & vitamins are better preserved than regular coconut oil. 

This product uses 100% plastic free packaging so there’s less plastic in our planet. Instead, we use recycled aluminum & glass jars to safely pack our coconut oil into. We also ship our products in recycled and 100% recyclable cardboard boxes this helps reduce the amount of waste that ends up in landfills. So, you get beautiful skin & a beautiful planet.  


- Freshly made to order so you get fresh products made just for you  

- 100% cruelty free products 

- Preservative & paraben free product 

- 99% less plastic in our packaging  

- Sustainably sourced ingredients  


Coconut oil locks in moisture which make coconut oil a great conditioner for skin & hair. Coconut oil is also fairly similar to sebum a natural oil produced by our skin so this allows for better absorption meaning longer all day hydration for skin.  


Our extra virgin coconut oil has high levels of vitamin E a vital vitamin for skin regeneration and general healthy skin. Vitamin E also helps collagen synthesis which is essentially the building blocks for healthy skin.  


Food for hair 

Coconut oil has amazing benefits for hair. Hair can be damaged due to heat applied from blow dryers, hair straighteners etc. This causes the hair to become weak and dry. Coconut oil helps rejuvenate the hair and prevents dry scalp which can be a cause of dandruff. Did you know coconut oil also helps loosen dead skin cells and product build up.   


Deep conditioning for hair 

Did you know that commercial conditioners for hair can be bad for hair and scalp? Commerical conditioners use silicones, sls and other chemicals which cling onto hair that’s how they give the shiny look. This in itself builds up overtime causing the scalp to be clogged up which cause clogged up hair follicles and eventual hair loss. Coconut oil however absorbs into the scalp without clogging up pores, the vitamin e found in coconut oil helps provide the proper nutrients for healthy shiny hair.



Organic extra virgin coconut oil | skincare, dry skin, hair heat repair

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