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Revitalise your skin with our new plant based anti-aging facial serum. Scientifically proven ingredients that help reduce the appearance of tired & wrinkly skin, using zero chemicals, parabens or preservatives. Our anti-aging serum uses rice oil, jojoba oil, rosehip oil, rosemary essential oil, rose geranium oil. Premature aging can be caused by many factors such as stress, the products we use, pollution etc. This facial serum addresses these many of these causes.


  • 100% pure cold- pressed ingredients
  • Sourced from organic & sustainable manufactures
  • Natural antioxidants & high in vitamin E
  • Helps reduce wrinkly skin
  • Stimulates blood flow to increase collagen production & skin regeneration
  • Makes skin look radiant and healthy
  • No plastic packaging to help protect our planet
  • No parabens, preservative, artificial fragrances, GMO, Hexane free
  • Vegan friendly
  • Not tested on animals


Jojoba oil -


Jojoba oil is similar to our sebum found naturally on our skin. An unbalanced sebum production can lead to greasy or dry skin This increases stress on skin, makes our skin look unhealthy and make us appear to look older. Jojoba oil help balance the natural oil production on skin. It is also full of powerful antioxidants which help keep free radicals as bay.


Rosemary essential oil -

Rosemary essential oil is very well known for its stimulative properties. Rosemary help increase blood flow to where ever it is applied. Stress can often hinder blood flow. This is why when you go for a massage you feel relaxed because it increases blood circulation. More blood circulation can help the skin generation process which replaces old skin cells with new skin cells.


Rosehip oil -


Rosehip has been found to be able to help reduce the appearance of scars & wounds. It can also reverse UV light damage. It also helps cleanse and brighten skin and increases collagen production which can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles.  


Rose germanium oil -


Research has shown that aging is linked to stress. The more stress the quicker we are likely to age. Rose germanium oil is a natural mood enhancer. It is commonly used to relieve stress & anxiety. It also has great benefits for the skin such as its many properties some of which include antimicrobial, antiviral & anti-inflammatory.


Why choose our products?


Blessman naturals source all ingredients from organic, sustainable, and soil association compliant manufacturers to help make sure all products are at the highest quality & cause no harm to our planet or animals. We also cold-press our oils so the natural properties are not lost which in many cases are if heat is used. We make sure all our ingredients are unrefined which many other suppliers do not do. Buying Blessman naturals protects the earth from plastic waste because we use zero plastic in our products or in any of our packaging. We have partnered up with Weforest who are on a mission to plant millions of trees all around the world to reduce global warming. Find out more on their website.


Direction & recommendation


This product can be used as a leave in overnight serum or applied & washed off.


To apply & wash off:


  • When using this product apply 4-5 drops. If you think you need more apply a few more drops.


  • After applying on skin rub in using a circular motion. Do this for 30seconds to 1 minute


  • Leave it on for 5 minutes


  • Wash off use Luke warm water, do this a couple of time and finish on a cold rinse


  • Pat dry, we recommend you do not moisturise. If you do need to moisturise then add 12 drops of the facial serum


To use as a leave in serum overnight


  • Apply 2-3 drops and apply to skin using a circular motion, apply more if needed


  • We highly recommend you wash it off at the end of the day for best results


How many times should you use this product?


We recommend you use this treatment every other day for best results. Once you start seeing results you may use a few days apart making sure you use minimal amounts of cleansers & moisturisers.

Natural anti-aging facial serum

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