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Pure jasmine essential oil undiluted for 100% potency. Jamine oil is known for its incredibly unique sweet aroma. It has an array of benefits for skin, hair, body & mind.  

For hair – Jasmine oil strengthens hair due to its moisturizing abilities. Not all hair oils are equal the oils you use needs to be the right consistency in order for it to be properly absorbed by the hair. Jasmine oil is a light a very similar to sebum oil naturally found on our scalp. This makes it effective in being efficiently absorbed by the hair meaning your hair is hydrated for long and prevents breakage.    


Skin – Jasmine oil is a natural antiseptic so it inhibits the growth of bacteria. This has been backed by studies that show that jasmine oil kills any present bacteria such a E. coli. Bacteria is the main cause of spots & acne so the regular use of Jasmine oil will help kill bacteria cause acne and will also prevent acne from forming.  


Mind – Studies have shown that Jasmin oil has antidepressant properties when used as part of aromatherapy. It relieves stress by reducing blood pressure, heart rate and oxygen saturation. And overall helps lift mood. You can help your mind reap the benefits of Jasmine oil by inhaling the oil directly from the bottle or alternatively if you have a diffuser just add a few drops. This oil can also be used in baths so just add a few drops and enjoy.  


Freshly made to order so you get fresh products made just for you


- 100% cruelty free products 

- Preservative & paraben free product 

- 99% less plastic in our packaging  

- Sustainably sourced ingredients




Pure Jasmine essential oil

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