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Our floral bundles has our best selling lavender essential oil, Rose geranium, chamomile & Jasmine oil. All of these scents are derived from floral plants & petals and have a sweet uplifting aroma which is perfect for using in and around your home in essential il diffusers, humidifiers and room sprays. They can also be added to baths or body and massage oils. 


Each bundle comes with four essential oils all of which are the size selected we offer 10ml, 20ml,30ml,50ml,100ml.





Lavender essential oil is 100%  natural, pure and undiluted . Many supplier dilute their lavender oil this is a common practice that we do not do with our lavender oil. We source all our products from certified sustainable manufacturers to help create our products without harming our environment.


Lavender oil has a mild floral aroma and has been described as a calming and uplifting essential oil it  can be used in baths, aromatherapy, applied to skin for calming effect. lavender oil also helps with sleeplessness. 


Rose geranium


Rose geranium oil is extracted from leaves and stem of the rose geranium plant. Our geranium oil is undiluted & unrefined to preserve the delicate properties of geranium oil. Our product are also sustainably sourced to help protect our planet & fair treatment of farmers. All our products are made to order so we provide fresh geranium oil to increase potency.




Jasmine essential oil undiluted for 100% potency. Jamine oil is known for its incredibly unique sweet aroma. It has an array of benefits for skin, hair, body & mind.  

For hair – Jasmine oil strengthens hair due to its moisturizing abilities. Not all hair oils are equal the oils you use needs to be the right consistency in order for it to be properly absorbed by the hair. Jasmine oil is a light a very similar to sebum oil naturally found on our scalp. This makes it effective in being efficiently absorbed by the hair meaning your hair is hydrated for long and prevents breakage.    





Undiluted, unrefined pure chamomile oil from freshly stream distilled daisy flower heads. Chamomile is known for it's many properties.It also has amazing benefits for skin & hair.

Essential oil floral bundle | Lavender, Rose geranium, Chamomile, Jasmine

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