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Bergamot essential oil comes from the peel of a citrus fruit which originates from south east Asia. Bergamot has been used for many tropical and oral purposes. Bergamot oil is extracted using cold press distillation to best preserve the properties of bergamot. Our bergamot oil is undiluted and 100% pure. This product uses 99% less plastic (the 1% plastic is the essential oil dropper for easy application). Our bottle is 100% recycled glass & the lid is made from aluminum. All packaging is 100% plastic free.  


Bergamot has powerful antioxidants that help skin related issues, it is also acidic which inhibits the growth of bacteria which is the main cause of acne &m spots. Bergamot can be used in skincare for healthier skin & to maintain healthy skin. 


Bergamot can be used as a natural skin tonner/cleanser due to it light viscosity. If used as a skin tonner or cleanser please dilute with carrier oil we recommend coconut oil, jojoba or almond oil. For every one-part bergamot add two parts carrier oil of your choice.  

Bergamot is also used for mind & body due to its powerful stress reliving properties. A clinical study in 2015 found that bergamot can help relieve stress & anxiety. Just add a few drops into an essential oil diffuser or inhale using a cotton ball. 


Bergamot can also be used in the bath just add 2-5 drops into warm water and enjoy. (This product will not cure anxiety or depression this will only relieve anxiety & stress for short term periods, if you are suffering from depression, please seek professional medical help) 



We always recommend you do a patch test before using any skincare products as a precaution. Please use products within 3 months of opening for the best results. 


Ingredients: pure bergamot oil



Pure bergamot essential oil

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