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Ever styled your hair in the start of the day, with it looking good with a lot of volume and realized as the day goes on your hair loses volume, texture and just falls apart. Well, we've gather 5 reasons which may be preventing your hair from staying up all day. 

1 -  Haircut 

Certain haircuts are most suitable for certain hairstyles, for example if you want a slick back sort of hairstyle then you'd need your hair belong long on the top making sure the front hair is long enough to touch the back of the head and the haircut you'd get is an undercut, also cutting the side short to give the top of the hair more definition. Another example is a fringe type of hair style, it's quite obvious but you'll need the front part of your hair to be left longer than the rest of your hair.


Longer hair also tends to be heavier therefore hairstyles which require a lot of volume will not stay up for long at all. So, if you're aiming for hairstyles which require a lot of volume, cut your hair down a bit. Same goes for short hair, short hair is very hard to keep in place because it tends to be a more stubborn therefore can be harder to control. This is why we suggest a medium sized hair length this gives you the benefits of both short and long hair styles and even a few more additional benefits of its own. 


A great tip when cutting your hair is to show a picture of the hairstyle you want because it can be very hard to explain the hair cut from the top of your head and you want to be sure your barber knows exactly what you want. If it’s a professional salon or barber they can even give you certain products that they recommend using, so ask them next time you go in for your haircut.  


Another tip is if you're going for more volume and styles which need to stay up make sure you cut your hair a little shorter on the back part of the top segment of your hair than the front part of your hair this will help support the longer hair from the front because it acts like a structed to keep your hair up. 

2: Preparation

When starting to style your hair it's very easy to go wrong and end up messing your hair up from the very start. Good preparation is the key to making sure your hair stays up all day. If your styling second day hair which already has hair product in it, not only can it be very hard to apply more product in but the hair will be more saturated and greasy due to sweat and natural oils produced by the hair which will lead to the hair just to fall flat again. So, washing your hair with a shampoo or just water will do wonders for your hair. It'll wash out product buildup, sweat and excess oils, and will create an optimum environment for your hair products to be it's most effective.  


Use a pre-styler before styling your hair, it comes with a ton of benefits some of which are, providing some protection from heat, detangle your hair and boosting volume. There are a variety of options as well, mousse which is applied to damp hair then blow dried into your hairstyle and then you put your hair products on. Also, there are water-based pre-styler sprays which contain ingredients which boost volume and provide heat protection. 


Check out some of these pre stylers below:

3 – layering  

A lot of guys just don't have the time to wash their hair every day even with just water. So, what do you do? Leaving hair product in your hair from the day before can leave your hair saturated making it harder for styles to stay up for long. So, on the day you just don’t have time making sure you layering on your hair products on properly is the key to making sure your hair is always up. This is done by applying a small amount of product on your hair multiple times till you get your desired hairstyle. Doing this ensures that the product is thoroughly worked in allowing the product to work at its best. 

4 – Fixing  

This is one of the main reasons why your hair may be falling flat and not staying up for long. Products like waxes, gum and clays do not do too well in hot environments and because they are oil based it'll just turn your hair greasy and your hair style will just fall apart. So, after styling your hair apply hair spray. There are many types of hair sprays, light hold, medium hold and extra strong hold and so on. The type of hairspray you use to fix your hair in place depends on your style and hair type and length.  Making sure the hairspray is sprayed evenly throughout the hair and try not to touch your hair after you've applied hairspray. 

5 -  be realistic 

The last reason why your hair may not be staying up is that you are being unrealistic. You can't get a quiff with super short hair so no matter how much product you apply, your hair will not stay up. Same goes for long hair as well. There are many factors you need to take into consideration when styling your hair such as weather if it's hot outside apply water-based products instead of oil-based hair products because heat can affect oil-based products hold. On windy days use a strong hold hairspray and on the days it rain make sure you carry an umbrella because it's your hair is wet it will obviously fall flat.  





So here are the 5 reasons why your hair may not be staying up. Every man has different hair type some have fine hair and some thick hair so work with what you got and never wish you had someone else's hair because every hair type has its own benefits.  Again, being realistic is also very important and the products you use can also make a ton of difference so make sure you do your research on the hair products you're applying to make sure that it's the right products for you.  




Quote of the day:


"the problem is not with your body, the problem is what you think of it.... and what you think of yourself"


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