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Mens face wash

Acne and spots do not look good on anyone and it can be a stressful time when acne starts appearing on your face. Acne can also leave behind scares which haunt your face for weeks. But there are a few ways of making sure you do not get acne in the first place. They are very easy and we do mention some products which may help keep acne and spots at bay. If you already suffer from acne read on, this article will help clarify common misconceptions that acne sufferers have and some facts people do not actually know. 

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Stress and acne

Some people do not know but stress can cause acne and spots to appear. This is because when you are stressed your skin starts producing more oils which lead to the pores in your face getting blocked leading to inflammation which we see as a big red spot. Acne is painful and often is swollen so making sure you do not touch or pop the spot is important because it can cause a scare to be left behind, which can take weeks or months to fade away. Try to reduce stress by meditating a few minutes as little as 10 minutes can be sufficient. Or just try deep breathing exercises.


Face wash

A lot of people who suffer from acne may find when they touch their skin it’s very oily. People with acne usually have very oily skin. If you find yourself with oily skin then was with only water and at least 5 times a day. Washing your skin with a harsh facial wash will just make things worse because your skin will just end up producing more oils to replace the natural oils you just got rid of. Washing with water will be better because it will get rid of only a small amount of oil without stripping the skin completely. Also, water tends to have a better ph level than cleansers which tend to be alkaline and full of chemicals as well.


Aloe vera gel for face

Some people may be surprised but yes not moisturising will help stop acne from forming. How? Moisturizers have mineral oils and chemical, these block pores on top of all this our facial skin also produces natural oils so you’re left with twice the amount of oils on your face almost suffocating the pores. You can use a natural moisturizer like aloe Vera gel this will also help fight bacteria which may cause acne and also helps with curing drying skin symptoms.

If you after some high quality 100% Aloe vera gel buy the PraNaturals Pure Aloe Vera Gel 200ml VEGAN

Lemon facewash

If you already suffer from acne try both the points above and also this one. Lemon is acidic and will help balance the skins ph. Lemon also fights bad bacteria which can be found on the skin and also is a natural cleanser.


How to prepare?


Preparing this treatment is very easy all you need to do is add the same amount of water as lemon juice. So if you are wanting to treat a large area then adding juice from half a lemon and half water will be enough. Adding too much lemon than water can burn the skin and cause scarring so please be aware.


Use this treatment overnight and wash off the morning. Repeat this for at least a week for good results.

clean diet

Diet plays a massive part in acne as well. If you're consuming a lot of processed foods then you need to stop if you want to get rid of acne. You also need to cut down on sugar as it has no nutritional benefits. Consume foods high in zinc. Acne can also be a sign of deficiency in zinc. Zinc is an important mineral for skin health so if you can not get enough from food try the supplement below it has a good amount of zinc in order to have an effect in helping clear up acne.


Drinking plenty of water will also help clear acne up fast. The body is 50-65% water and not drinking enough water can have a knock-on effect on our inner organs as well as our skin health. So make sure you drink plenty of water.


If you not consuming enough foods with zinc then try these Lindens Zinc Citrate 50mg Tablets

do not touch your face

People who suffer from acne often touch their face a lot. Your hand and fingers are full of bad bacteria and every time you touch your face you transfer millions of bad bacteria on your face. If you truly knew how much germs you had on your hands you would never touch your face again. `


We know that suffering from acne is a very stressful time. But would stressing about it get rid of your acne? The short answer is no it won’t. Eating habits play a big role In acne so clearing up your diet is key also washing your face with water at least 5 times a day and not moisturizing will help prevent any further spots/acne from forming. Be consistent in the steps above and you will definitely see results.

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