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Let's start off by saying all men will at one point in their lives suffer from some sort of acne or spots related issue. If it's on the face it can be very obvious and therefore hard to hide and may even knock one's confidence. Some men are reluctant to talk about it because it can be embarrassing but there's nothing to be embarrassed about we all will go through at some point and more men than you think are already going through the exact same problem right now. 

We have done a lot of research and have filtered out all the misleading information and methods of getting rid of acne and spots and have come up with 3 easy tips which will solve your acne and spot issues. 

3- Daily exfoliation 

You may have already seen this in many other articles and might have read before, of the importance of exfoliating the face to get rid of dirt and debris on the skin which can potentially block pores on your face and cause the skin to swell thus a spot to form. But there are many types of exfoliants. Some of which can be very harsh on the skin and cause the skin to dry out too much, which in turn causes the skin to produce more oils and make your skin even greasier, making it easier for dirt to get clog up the pores in the skin. This is why it is important that you select a face wash which does not contain too many harsh chemicals. Some exfoliants contain oil, leaving the skin feeling greasy so also stay away from oil-based face washes as well. Many brands which claim to be natural tend to contain oil to replace other chemicals.  


What we recommend you use? 


We recommend using Clean and clear exfoliation daily wash. Why? It is a mild exfoliant, no fancy packaging and fairly simple and gets the job done and is very effective. It's also oil free and cleanses the face without drying it out. (If it is the first time you are using an exfoliant some dryness is to be expected as your skin gets used to it this dryness will reduce.) It relies less on chemicals and instead uses micro-beads to clean the skin which essentially acts like a scrub. 


How to use an exfoliant? 


 1: First wash your face with warm water. This will help loosen the dirt and open the pores for a more effective cleanse 

2: The product should be applied to the entire face and massaged for 1-2 minutes and washed off with cold water this will close the pores in the skin reducing the chances of dirt building up too deep into the pores of the skin.  

Easy as that. This process should not take long at all.  

This product is also very cheap and can be bought from Amazon, Boot or Tesco stores.  

2- Moisturize 

Some men do not moisturize because it makes their skin oily or there are chemicals in moisturizes which their skin does not react too well to. Well after exfoliating and even just simply washing with water it can leave the skin dry which encourages the skin naturally to produce natural oils, also known as sebum on the skin. This can cause pores to be blocked. To prevent the pores from being blocked, which usually causes spots to occur, use a non-greasy moisturizer. Try The body shops Seaweed oil-Control Gel Cream. It is a lightweight moisturizer which contains seaweed which helps balance the skins production of oils. It also leaves a matte finish so there's no shine like most other moisturizers.  


Click here to buy


There are also many natural moisturizers one of which is Aloe Vera gel. Aloe vera is known for healing acne and spots due to its antioxidant properties. It's also a natural antiseptic and kills any bacteria which forms on the skin. You'll get all of these benefits without greasy skin or any excess dryness so you must definitely try Aloe Vera. 

1- Diet 


Your skin acts as an outer shell to protect your inner organs from being intercepted by bad bacteria & viruses which can potentially infect you, which can result in other complications. Your skin is also the largest organ in your entire body. Both your inner organs and skin work together, and normally when there's something wrong with the inside it's reflected on the outside.  

Some believe that spots and acne are hereditary which is false and this is not the case, unlike blemishes which can be and there is not much you can do about it even if some may claim there is.  

Periods of high stress have been linked to the formation of acne and spots. And it is not unusual to see spots and acne at the ages of puberty and for some, it affects them even up until their late teen's. Believe it or not, some cases of acne and spots can even be linked to diet. Men with diets with excess sugar and processed foods are more prone to spots and acne because spots and acne are essentially caused by a yeast infestation in the body.  


What can you do about it? 


We know totally cutting out sugars is near impossible because sugar is even present in nearly all fruits as well. So, balance is key, making sure that you are not consuming too much sugar and processed food which can feed the yeast to grow even more out of control, which can have a knock-on effect on your stress levels which can all result in your spots and acne getting worse. Eat spinach, eggs, foods with omega 3, a variety of different vegetables as they contain a variety of vitamins and minerals which will fight the spots on your skin. 


Try probiotics. Probiotics are basically a bunch of good bacteria which your body needs. Many of you may be thinking, why on earth would I want to put bacteria in my body? The inside of your body is essentially made up of bacteria anyway, without a good number of good bacteria, bad bacteria and viruses can potentially attack parts of your body meaning your body is unable to fight it off. The signs of an out of balance number of bacteria in your body is normally on the skin for example spots and acne and skin fungal infections. There is no harm in taking probiotics and they can be bought from your local superstore or pharmacy, Holland & Barretts or even Amazon. A good dosage of probiotics to start off with is 10 billion to see good results. Results can be seen as soon as 1-2 months of continuous and consistent use.  Probiotics work by re-balancing the gut flora to help fight off excess amounts of yeast and bad bacteria in the guy which can be the cause of your acne and spots.


Drink a lot of water as well. A lot of men undermine the importance of drinking at least 3.7L of water or 15.5 cups. Without enough water, your body can get dehydrated not only that regular build-up of toxins produced by your body need to be flushed out and water it the most important part of that process.  




We hope these tips help as many of you guys as possible out there. If your reading this article then share it with your friends and family. The most important message to take away from this article is not to stress yourself out because it will make matters worse. Instead of stressing about the issue take action, be consistent with a healthy balanced diet, as this is hands down the most important factor to a healthy body and skin. 


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Till our next blog post take care of yourselves. 




Quote of the day:


"It's not stress that kills us, it's our reaction to it."

Hans Selye 


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