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Many people hear about the importance of many vitamins such as Vitamin c, b, biotin and vitamin d. But what about minerals. Did you know that some vitamins may not work without certain minerals? For example, vitamin A cannot be absorbed by the body without Zinc present in your body. Zinc is a very under-rated mineral but one of the most important. Without the right amount of zinc present in the body may cause an array of health issues which can affect your life on a personal and social level.   Read on to find out the signs that you may be zinc deficient.



Have you realized that you get sick easily? Or catch fevers/colds more often than your friends and relatives? This may be a sign that you are Zinc deficient. Zinc is an important part of stopping viruses from multiplying. This can help you overcome illness such as the common cold quicker allowing you to continue with your daily life. Zinc deficiency will make you more prone to getting sick easily. 


auto immune

If you suffer from an auto immune disease or are immune compromised (have a weak immune system) the chances of you being deficient in zinc are greater than the average person. Also if you’ve recently had a disease which can be related to the immune system can be a sign of zinc deficiency as well.  


leaky gut

Many people may be unaware of what leaky gut is. Leaky gut is a problem associated with the gut. Miniature holes appear in the gut which can cause toxins from the gut to leak into the body an cause havoc on your body and organs. What causes leaky gut? We all have an organism called candida this helps break down food in the gut. Which makes sense right?. Well, this organism thrives on sugar. An average western diet contains a vast amount of sugar causing candida to overgrow. Candida, after all, is a fungus and therefore if it is in your gut in high numbers then it will start eating away the gut lining separating your gut from the inside of your body, miniature holes will appear as a result as well. This can cause skin problem such as egzema, sebhorriec dermatitis, psoriasis, fatigue and the list goes on. Due to leaky gut your body may be less efficent in absorbing key nutrients and minerals such as Zinc. 

4: Diarrhea and gas and bloating  


Most of the time diarrhea can be caused by too much spice or sour foods and even viruses which can be normal. But if your suffer from diarrhea regularly or have loose stools you may be zinc deficient. Being bloated and having a build-up of gas regularly can also be closely related to zinc deficiency. 

5: Hair loss or hair thinning   


Zinc is a vital mineral to help support thicker and stronger hair. It also combats DHT a key culprit of hair loss in men and women. 

6: Acne, eczema or psoriasis    


If you suffer from acne, eczema, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis or any other inflammatory diseases this cause be due to a lack of zinc in your body. Zinc is a natural healant for your body it also aids in getting rid of inflammatory diseases which have been mentioned above. 

Who is prone to Zinc deficiency? 


People who have busy lives may not be able to eat the right foods which have high levels of zinc. This can easily cause a zinc deficiency. A western diet contains very little to no zinc due to how the food is produced such as farming. Our soil is getting less and less rich in key minerals such as Zinc and potassium because farmers are not putting these minerals back into the soil. 


What do you do if you have one or more of these symptoms?


After reading this article if you have realized that you have one or more of these symptoms then first thing to do is not to panic. Stress actually causes zinc to be depleted more quickly because the damage stress does to the body is repaired by Zinc and the more damage means the more Zinc your body needs which may not be able to provide.  


First, go see a doctor. Talk to your doctor about the symptoms to get the all clear that your symptoms are not related to anything sinister. Once you have talked to your doctor they may diagnose you with a Zinc deficiency. They will provide the right Zinc dosage that you need. Even if you have not been diagnosed with a zinc deficiency it is good to take a supplement because it is very easy to fall into being zinc deficient. A supplement with 15mg of zinc at least and no more than 50mg is recommended. Remembering that high dosages of Zinc can be dangerous. 



Here are some Zinc supplement we recommend you try 


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