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What to wear in autumn



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Autumn 2019 is officially here. Autumn is our favorite season as winter is just a season away we see men being more experimental with their outfits and many choose comfort over style. Some of these experimental outfits actually catch on. We will update you with the very latest trends on what exactly you should be wearing this autumn so read on. 


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Denim jacket with a hoodie

Many of you guys may have already seen this trend of men wearing denim jackets with hoodie. This is hands down one of the easiest trends to follow. It looks stylish, comfortable and it’ll keep you warm. Denim makes for a great material as it is durable and holds back the cold breeze. The hoodie makes a convenient shield from rain as the weather can be very indecisive (especially here in the UK). The denim jacket can be switched around to match other pieces of your outfit because it comes in a variety of colours also the hoodie underneath can me mixed and matched so you’ll be spoilt for choice.


Mini fisherman beanies have been seen on male celebrities like Will I am and is more fashionable than a bog-standard woolly hat. The mini fisherman beanie is an example of style over comfort. If you’re wanting to keep your ears warm during a cold autumn day then this definitely won’t. That said, it adds a lot of character to any outfit that it is worn with. It instantly makes you look cooler. This beanie comes in different colors sizes and cut so you definitely have a big variety to choose from.


This trend has picked up from last year during the winter but was mainly seen in normal bomber-style jackets. The Borg collar trend is starting to make its way on to denim jackets. Denim again is a great durable material , best for autumn. The Borg collar will be sure to keep your neck warm from the cold autumn breeze. A standard denim jacket won’t do that. This is a definite must buy as it’s stylish, comfortable and you have a variety of different colors to choose from.  

trench coat

This one is for men who are after a casual/smart clothing for this autumn. Trench coats have started to come back into fashion again and we have seen them worn in a million different ways, some of which are very creative and very fashionable. Below are just some of the ways a trench can be worn.

Trench coats come in many styles, materials, colors, and cuts. Whichever style suits you best. This is a great centerpiece to make for an outfit especially during autumn as temperatures drop but it’s not completely freezing just yet.

fold over miltary boots

As its autumn you probably won’t be walking out with flip flops anymore, so we think that these fold over military boot will do the job.  These boots are not just any type of boots they have a unique fold on the top which gives it more character and can actually make your whole outfit look better. In our opinion these also look more stylish than standard boots as well.

Well, here it is the top 5 autumn essential you must buy this year. Like, share and comment, which one of these is your favorite?


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