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What is activated charcoal

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Activated charcoal

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Recently “activated charcoal” has been popping up everywhere on skincare & haircare products and it’s taken the beauty industry by storm. So is activated really as good as people say it is or is all just hype?

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What is activated charcoal?

what is activated charcoal

Activated charcoal comes from carbon rich material which are burned at high temperatures. Regular charcoal and activated charcoal are similar but activated charcoal has tinny pores which look like bubbles known as carbon pocket which increase the surface area which in turn make it better for absorption which is the main reason why it is used in beauty cleansers, toothpaste and skin masks etc.  

How does activated charcoal work?

Activated charcoal has natural properties which allow it to trap toxins and chemicals which is why activated charcoal is so good at deeply cleansing skin pores which are often very small and can trap small amount of dirt & bacteria. Skin pores also trap toxins & dead skin cells which block the pores causes inflammation.

Food grade activated charcoal


100% natural food grade activated charcoal made from coconut 🥥 shells. Can be used for teeth whitening, skin cleansing & skin masks.

Activated charcoal

Uses of activated charcoal?

uses of activated charcoal

Uses of activated charcoal?

Activated charcoal is used in shampoos, conditioners, skin washes, toothpastes in everything you can think of which is related to cleansing skin or hair activated charcoal can be used.


  • Activated charcoal works as an anti-aging ingredient. This is because it is able to absorb toxins, chemicals and product build up this allows for unhindered skin regeneration. 


  • It can also be used in toothpaste. Activated charcoal acts as a gentle cleanser due to the slightly bigger grains in activated charcoal helps break down build-up of tartar and it can help deter staining.


  • Activated charcoal is very popular in skin cleansers. It ability to pull dirt and bacteria makes it an idea skin pal. It work better and more effectively than most ingredient as it absorbs dirt which often get stuck deep in the skin pores which normal cleansers fail to clean which can lead to breakouts. It can also help balance oil production. So if you have oily skin try activated charcoal. 


  • Activated charcoal has also been used to treat food poisoning but this should only be done under professional supervision. This works by the charcoal absorbing the bacteria and toxins similar to how it work on skin and hair.

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