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Best skin cleanser for acne

Ever wonder how to get rid of acne and blackheads? Well, it is very likely that every person has or will at one point in their life suffer from a minor or major form of acne and blackhead breakouts. So firstly to get rid of acne you need to know what causes the acne in the first place. Well, there are a number of things but it all leads to one cause. Stress, hormones, dehydration, and poor diet are all causes and any of these cause increased oil production on the skin mainly the face. This is why acne can be found more so often on the face and wherever there is skin. So real cause is increased oil production on the skin. So if you want to prevent acne you need to control how much oil there is present on your skin. This can be done by cleansing the face multiple time a day, but using the wrong products can be too harsh on the skin and cause more harm than good. We have listed 5 products which have been tried, tested and rated by thousands of customers. We look at the ingredients the products use and the science behind each one. So read on.

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Face theory cleanser

Face theory is a new upcoming brand. We have found that many face cleansers for acne are targeted towards woman. Face theory have said their products are gender neutral so you can use this product with confidence. They brand themselves as a natural skin care company which source all their ingredient from the UK. They do not use paraben, SLS, SLES or sulfates. These can be harmful to skin and can dry and make skin conditions worse.

Face theory has many products and they claim can get rid of acne completely. We questioned this at first then we read the reviews. They had a ton of excellent reviews with thousands of happy customers. They are so confident that their products will work they even offer a 365-day money back guarantee!!! I mean you have to be 100% certain it works to offer such a policy.

Face theory combines science and nature in all of their products. This is very important because they use only ingredients which have a proven track record of actually helping to get rid and prevent acne.


Their products are fairly cheap especially with the quality of products you’re getting, it is a bargain. And we definitely recommend give their clarifying cleanser a try. The clarifying cleanser comes for a price of £11.99. 


mario badescu facial cleanser

The Mario Badescu brand is a very well established brand so they definitely know what they are doing. Having been in the skincare industry since 1967 means high-quality products which actually work because they would be backed with years and years of research and expertise in skin care. Well, their Mario Badescu acne facial cleanser is no exception. They use salicylic acid which is a very effective skin cleanser. The use of salicylic acid is not new in a cleanser as it has been used by many other skin care brands because of its effectiveness. Mario Badescu facial cleanser works by deeply cleansing the facial pores which often in acne suffers are blocked due to the increased production of oil. This oil causes dirt and grease to build up in the micropores on your skin. This can be very hard to wash out if you are not using the deep cleanser which uses the right ingredient, the ingredient in this product being salicylic acid.

Mario Badescu has a fan following for their products. We read many reviews of customers who have been purchasing their products for years. And there are hundreds of new customers who have successfully got rid of acne after using their products.



This product comes at around $15 or £14. This is a great price point, especially for such a high-quality product.

We recommend you try the Mario Badescu facial cleanser


carbon theory

So Carbon theory is a modern skincare company. They are very transparent with what exactly the use in their product which we love! The idea behind Carbon theory is very simple instead of using all the toxic chemical which can sometimes cause more harm to the skin than good Carbon theory uses Charcoal. Charcoal has many benefits for skin which have been scientifically proven.

The charcoal bar is infused with tea tree oil which also has many properties such as anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Acne is caused by bacteria and is an inflammatory response so tea tree will help calm skin and prevent acne.

They also use shea butter which is a moisturizer and will rehydrate the skin. So you are may be thinking, wait a minute, this will cause there to be more oil to be present on my skin which will cause more acne, right? Well no, because shea butter is not a heavy moisturizer so it will not be blocking your pores. Did you know that after a deep cleanse your skin can be left very dry, so your skin produces more oil at a faster rate in order to re-balance the amount of oil on the skin. This can, in turn, cause acne but having a skin cleanser which cleanses and then also rehydrates your skin will stop your skin from overproducing more oils which will help your facial skin get some balance. This is how Carbon theory works. This is why it works and has so many happy customers.


For such a great product you would think the price would be way out of your budget, right? Well, how does £6.00 ($8.000 sound? Yes, it is very inexpensive. So it is a definite try.

Carbon theory cleansing bar

Rapid clear

So this may not come to surprise to some but yes Neutrogena has made an amazing acne product. Neutrogena is a very prominent brand in skin care especially when it comes to acne. They have made many products and have a variety of products suited to all skin types. Neutrogena is a big brand, therefore, its research and development department has a much higher budget than some of the brands we mentioned. Having this lead means more proven methods and also backed by world-class dermatologist expertise. 

We took a look at what people were saying about this product. There were thousands of people who have found success using this product saying that it has reduced their acne outbreaks.

So how does it work?

They use an ingredient called Benzoyl Peroxide. This one of the top recommended ingredients by dermatologists. Benzoyl Peroxide is used to clear up moderate acne. So if you suffer from very bad acne this product is a must as you would need a stronger cleanser like the Neutrogena rapid clear to clear up the acne because it has 10% Benzoyl peroxide this is a strong enough dose to really help your acne. It has been clinically proven to reduce acne size and redness from the first day.



Neutrogena products are relatively cheap compared to their competitors. But the price does not reflect its effectiveness. The Neutrogena rapid clear stubborn acne 

comes at £7.00 ($9.00). 

origins deep pore cleanser

Origins zero oil pore cleanser as hinted in the name is for acne suffers who suffer from very oily skin which can be a leading cause of acne. Too much oil production causes pores to be blocked. The Origin zero oil cleanser will relive that issue. It uses saw palmetto as its active ingredient. Saw palmetto is a great ingredient for the skin as it has anti-inflammatory properties. They also have mint which gives a cooling sensation. Mint extract has antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties as well. And lastly, salicylic acid which is to cleanse the skin and pores of the excess oils.

Origins have hundreds of happy customers who have found success using their products.



This product is the most expensive out of all of the products we have mentioned. The reason behind this may be because they use saw palmetto which is very rare in skin cleansers and it is an expensive ingredient.  The Origins Zero oil deep pore cleanser come at £17.00

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