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Clay hair product for men

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Finding the best hair product can be stressful and annoying because there are just so many products out there now claiming that their hair product will give your hair hold, texture and volume but when you try them it’s a completely different story. Well to stop wasting your time and money we put 22 hair clays to the test and we came up with the top 5. These hair clays are the best out there right now. We looked at only high-end products in this blog post and there were no budget clays involved in the tests. 

Some aspect which determined top 5 spots are hold, texture that it gives, price, ingredients, reviews from actual verified buyers and how easy it is to work in and wash out. So let’s begin. 


Pete and pedro clay

Pete and Pedro is a very popular product as one of its founders is after all a social media celebrity who has 4.4 million subscribers on his YouTube channel its no surprise people are buying his products.  But just because he is a YouTube star does it mean he can make a good hair product? Most of the time in this type of scenario the answer is no. But this hair product Pete and Pedro is not one of them products, it actually turned out to be quite good.  

Pete and Pedro's clay offered great hold without cementing it in place. Gives good texture for medium length hair. The product is also easy to work in and also wash out at the end of the day. The smell is a key selling point for this product. It has a masculine smell which most men love. The smell is not overpowering though.  




Product features 


  • Smells good 

  • Good hold and give hair texture 

  • Salon standard product 

  • Easy to work in and wash out 


Something you should bare in mind 

  • The product is quite pricey for the products quality  

  • Not great for men with long hair  


Aveda mens pure-formance grooming clay

Aveda men's pure-formance grooming clay is a great product and this is not just us saying it thousands of happy users are saying the same. Aveda is a brand known for its use of natural ingredients when making its products and this product is no different. The Aveda men's pure-formance grooming clay provides hair with stronghold that being said you can still mould your hair to take on a different hairstyle through the day if there’s a change of scenario etc. The product does not add shine to the hair. The product is great at adding texture to hair aswell compared to many other clays we have tried.  


Product features 


  • Stronghold yet still workable after application 

  • Washes out easily  

  • Adds texture to hair  

  • Great for thin hair because it adds thickness to thinner hair types  


Things you should bare in mind 


  • This product is quite pricey compared to competitors. 


Layrite clay

Layrite was founded by Donnie Hawley In 1999 with the intent to find a hair product which “holds like wax and washes out like gel”. Layrite is a company who’s products are made by professional barbers who have years in the barbering so they definitely know what it takes to make a good product. With so much expertise behind Layrite, you would not expect their Layrite cement clay to fall short of any other similar products and it does not. If you want your hair to stay in place with stronghold and a natural finish Layrite could just be the product for you. 


Product features 


  • Great for men with thick hair who want extreme hairstyles to stay in place 

  • Easy one application to lock your hairstyle in place 

  • Easy to get out of your hair  

  • Great for men with thin hair because it adds volume  

  • Great for shaping and adding texture for hair 

  • No need to wear hairspray 

  • Does not weigh down hair 



Things you should bear in mind before buying


  • Can be harder to work into hair than most hair products 


Where can I buy this product? 


Layrite has their own website where they sell all their product include their Cement Clay. 



Also available on amazon 




Baxter of California is a premium hair products brand which sells accessories and products not only for hair but all your grooming essentials. Baxter of California is known for their high quality and attention to detail in their products and meeting the needs of men no matter their hair type. Well, their clay pomade is no different. This clay pomade as the name hints is a mixer between a clay and a pomade. Pomades and clay have each of their own characteristics and when you mix both together you get the best of both worlds.  

This product has a firm hold and a natural shine. Your hair will stay in place all day but it’s not too strong, so you can manipulate it a little throughout the day if you want. The Baxter of California clay-pomade is very versatile therefore it allows for so many hairstyles so this is a great choice for many men no matter which style you're going for. 

The clay pomade also not only styles your hair greatly but also takes care of your hair and scalp at the same time. Baxter of California uses natural ingredients with health benefits for hair. Some of these include beeswax, bentonite which helps clean skin and heal skin issues such as dermatitis and dry skin. It also contains Fennel seeds known for helping to stimulate the scalp and help fight bad bacteria and fungus.  


Products features 


  • Not sticky or greasy  

  • Good stronghold  

  • Great for a variety of different hairstyles 

  • Washes out easily  

  • Great for healthy hair and scalp

  • High-quality clay compared to other brands 



Somethings you should bare in mind 


  • The product is thicker than most clays, therefore, can be hard to work into hair. 


Where to buy? 


Baxter of California has their own website so it is possible to buy from there. 



Baxter of califonia also have an Amazon store which sells this product as well with free expressed delivery for prime members. 





The black label grooming is a British grooming brand. They have a selection of different products to choose from and offer a variety of option for all men with any type of hair. They are known for their excellent quality product compared to other similar brands and their craft clay is again no different. Everything from the texture and the ingredients used, packaging and the ease of use is all considered by Black label grooming. This is not just us saying it but many people who have tried their product as well "Tom R" said “Unbelievable product. Very high standard. Market leader in hair products.” This is one of the thousands of reviews about their products. They must be doing something right, right?  


We tested their product and it has great hold compared to the other clays we tested. Held hair shape in mild windy conditions and even in light rain!! The product did not harden the hair so it was movable and could be manipulated throughout the day. The product will hold up with men who have busy lives and tend to sweat as some product are no so friendly with sweat, heat, and humidity, well this one is!!! 

Overall the product adds good texture and thickness to the hair as well and is a must for any man with any type of hair thick or thin.  


Product features


  • Great price compared to other clays  

  • Balanced product hold, therefore, hair can be manipulated through the day 

  • Holds up to bad weather conditions such as wind and humidity  

  • Thousands of reviews from customers who have had a great experience using their products.  

  • Easy to wash out as it is water based.  


Things you should bare in mind 

  • Can be tricky to work into hair  


Where to buy from?

Black label have their own website and always have offers on, so take a look



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