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Autumn mens fashion essentials 2018

Summer is over and Autumn has official started at least in the UK and is set to last until 21st of December 2018. You may one of the people looking out for what to wear for this Autumn 2018 and we have listed the top 5 essentials for this Autumn. These are essential for men's fashion and cover all aspects of an outfit. So, read on and enjoy the read. 

1 - Over coat/ Jacket

overcoat for men

Overcoats are a great pick for autumn because they can be layered underneath with a t-shirt or sweatshirt. During Autumn, it starts getting a little chilly out as well so an overcoat is a great choice because it’ll keep you warm. Another reason why overcoats are so great for Autumn is that they look cool and give off a smart wear vibe which may be great for some men. Best of all overcoats come in different colors and designs so there is always a fit for you out there. 


Recommendations to buy

ASOS overcoat jacket for men
Overcoat asos mens jackets
Overcoat asos mens jackets

2 - Non-zip hoodies

hoodies for men

Non-zip hoodies are great for autumn, they keep you warm for the colder days during autumn and also come in a variety of different colors so there’s so much to choose from. There are also different designs in hoodies such as ripped, plain, small print and branded so your spoilt for choice. Hoodies are also great for layering on top of with a bomber jacket for example. They are also great for men who love streetwear because they are a great addition to any streetwear outfit. 


Where to buy 


Asos is a great place for a variety of hoodies from baggy, ripped, branded, print also other stores such as H&M are great choices as well.


3 - Sweatshirt/jumpers 

swaetshirts for men

You can’t go wrong with a good sweatshirt during Autumn. Sweatshirt are another great addition to any outfit. They will help keep you warm but also give your outfit a bit more character. Sweatshirts come in a variety of different colors and designs so allowing you to change it up now and again. 


Where to buy


H&M, Next, River Island and ASOS are all great choices for sweatshirts and jumpers. Available in different styles and colours. 


4 - Denim jeans

jeans for men

Denim jean can come back out of your wardrobe again. They are great for keeping the cold out and are still fashionable. They go with tons of outfits and are great for men who love streetwear. Denim jeans are now available in many designs ripped/torn straight, tight, bootcut the choices just keep adding. Denim jeans also come in black great for a smarter look if that’s what you're going for. Denim jeans can be worn with jackets, hoodies, bomber jackets, coats you name it there’s always a way to integrate a denim jean with your outfit.  


Where to buy


Jacamo is a great place to buy jeans. They have denim jeans in all shapes, design, and sizes. H&M also have a huge collection. 


5 - Autumn boots

Autumn boots for men

During Autumn you want a good pair of shoes which will keep your feet warm and dry this is why the next Autumn essentials is an Autumn boot. Autumn boots are a sophisticated piece of wear and it will add character to your outfit. They are very fashionable and come in a variety of different colors. They can be worn with denim jeans for street look and can also be adapted for a smarter look depending on the design of the Autumn boot. Autumn boots are also made from very good materials and are tough boots so they will keep up with the rainy and cold conditions.  


Where to buy


Clarks is a great option for high-quality boots also ASOS has a big variety to choose from as well. Look with your local clothing retail for Autumn boots. H&M is a global retailer so they definitely should have some in stock. 


Thank you for reading, we hope one of these Autumn essentials has come to your fancy. These top 5 essentials are needed for every man out there and best of all all of these do not just come in one color or design there are a ton of designs to choose from to suit you and your style best so do definitely try them. 


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