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We've compiled a list of the top 3 unique hacks which every guy has to try. The hacks will help solve some issues which many guys have so hopefully these tips will help as many guys as possible.  

3 : Wearing a long line t-shirt for tall guys 

This is a very helpful hack for men 6ft or taller. Many taller men find it very difficult to find t-shirts in their size especially the fact that regular fit t-shirt doesn't tend to go down to their waist length. So, what do you do? Wear long line t-shirts. Long line t-shirts are great to wear on their own or on top of a jacket. Long line t-shirts go past your waist so it'll look like a regular fit t-shirt.   


Where do you get long line t-shirts from? 


You'll be surprised how easy long line t-shirts are to purchase. They are available in nearly every major clothing store, some are for example ASOS, Mdmdirect or H&M. (Link a website to all the stores). Long line t-shirt also come in many different styles such as ripped, rippled design or with small prints on them. So you'll be spoilt for choice. 

2: wearing the right colors for the right look? 

This is going to be confusing for some of you guys, but we know, psychology is not everyone's strong point. But guess what? From a Psychological viewpoint wearing the right colors of clothing can help you get the exact impression or response that you want from people. For example, if you want to look taller and your wearing black trousers, for example, wearing black shoes with it will actually give the illusion to others that you look a little taller. This is because it elongates (makes something longer) your body naturally. If on the other hand a person wearing black jeans with white shoes, for example, a person eyes will naturally color blocks your body into intersections resulting in you looking shorter. This is because your eyes will see the length of your trouser up until your shoes because it will be cut out by the difference in color. Whereas if the color is the same naturally your eyes makes it appear that, that person is taller. 

This hack is ideal for all you guys wanting to pack in a few more inches onto your height.

Never thought that psychology made a difference in fashion? Have a look at 30 fascinating facts about fashion psychology:


1: Layering clothes 

For this hack, you do not need to buy new clothes. How many times have you looked in the wardrobe and said: "I have nothing to wear." A lot of the times you're wrong, you probably do have enough clothes but your sticking to only one style. You need to change it up sometimes. This is where layering comes in.  

Layering is easy, and it makes any bland outfit looks great. In order to get layering right, one important tip is making sure you get the color and the patterns right. For example, a bright pink top will not go with a light blue bomber jacket. Use some of the examples below and watch the video so you know exactly how to layer clothes correctly. 

Well, that's it for this top 3 styling hacks for guys episode. We really hope you found these hacks helpful. More top styling hacks are coming so do not forget to sign up to our newsletter.






Quote of the day:


"I really like guys who have confidence, but not the cocky over-the-top confidence."

Carly Rae Jepsen

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