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3 tips for those with

sensitive skin

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3 tips for sensitive skin

Did you know that unto 68% of people both men and women have reported to have sensitive skin? If you thought your the only one with sensitive skin, your not! A very common question is how do you deal with sensitive skin? Well we have 3 easy tips you to follow if you have sensitive skin, so read on

Stop using products with SLS

sis sodium lauryl sulfate

SLS stands for sodium lauryl sulfate. It is present in soaps, shampoos, shower gels, some moisturisers, cosmetic products. SLS is a cleansing agent and is also used in household cleaning product and washing detergents. 


How does this effect skin?


SLS dries out the skin by cleansing and attaching to oils present on our skin. This leaves our skin feeling dry and gets rid of our skins natural protective barrier which is essentially there to protect our skin from bacteria because skin is naturally sensitive to bacteria, viruses and mites etc without this barrier.


Using products with sodium lauryl sulfate disrupts this protective skin barrier which is made up of sebum, a natural oil created by our body. Without sebum our skin feels irritated which leads to sensitive skin. A disrupted skin eco system can take months to rebuild. 

Activated charcoal oil based cleanser


Natural skin cleanser made from essential oils to help rebalance skin ph & restore the delicate skin mantle. Enhanced with activated charcoal. 

Skin cleanser activated charcoal

Use a good sunscreen


UV light is transmitted from the sun. High concentrations of UV light can lead to long term skin damage which in turn leads to having more sensitive skin.


When buying a Sunscreen choose one with a physical barrier NOT a chemical barrier. 


Sunscreen that use chemical barriers use avobenzone, octinoxate and oxybenzone, Chemical barriers absorb UV light into the skin.


Sunscreen that use Physical barriers use Titanium oxide & zinc oxide. Physical barriers reflect sun UV light off skin.



Did you know that virgin coconut oil has anti-uv light properties which protect your skin from UV? Well now you do. 

Fragrance free products

fragrance free

Fragrance is added to almost all cosmetic products. Why? Because consumers love to smell nice. Fragrances added to cosmetic products unfortunately are made from chemicals. These irritate the skin and if you have sensitive skin you will see an immediate reaction.

Use fragrance-free products as these products offer the same benefits as the fragranced products with the added benefit of having happy skin. 


So here we have it. Make sure you wash your face even with water as infrequently as possible is the best advise. Even water can irritate the skin due to chemicals such as chlorine being present in water. Having a healthy diet has been linked to helping sensitive skin. Foods with high sugar causes inflammation which in turn makes sensitive skin such worse. Also drinking plenty of water helps keep the skin well hydrated.

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