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Keto diet

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So recently you might have heard about the keto diet. If you have not  then, have you been living under a rock? But for those who know what it is may ask is it any good? Does it work? Can you gain weight on a keto diet? Can you loose weight on a keto diet? And so on.

We will look at what the keto diet is and how it can help you live a better and healthier life and weather it actually even works.


The keto diet is a diet plan which forces your body to go into ketosis. This state of ketosis enables your body to burn fats instead of carbohydrates. How? Well a keto diet only consists between 20-30g of carbs and 140-160g of fats. If your consuming a diet with 2,000 calories for example. A good guide line for the keto diet is 70-80% fats, 5-10% of carbs and 20-25g of protein. A lack of carbohydrates means that the body is forced to burn fats instead of carbohydrate as it main source of energy because simply put there is  more fats present in your body.

Carbohydrates are basically sugars they can be complex or simple. Sugar as we know causes havoc on the body. Its known for causes skin disorders, fatigue, health problems such as diabetes and recent studies show that it can even be a cause of the production and growth of cancerous cells in the body. To read more on this subject click here.

Cutting out carbohydrates can be very hard as all store brought product have sugar or are full of carbs so the best way to go about a keto diet is to buy fresh foods and make meals from scratch. Home-made meals all you to have more control over what is put into your food.


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Well a keto diet is mainly based on fats therefore consuming a lot of meats which tend to be high in fat such as fish, beef and chicken. Avocados, seed and nuts are also high in fat and even cheese as we know is high in fat but low in carbs this is one of the perk of this diet for a cheese lover. There are many things that can be ate on a keto diet but a key rule is to make sure that it is not carb dense instead it should be fat dense. Potatoes are a no go for a keto diet, rice and gain products tend to be high in carbs so you’ll need to get rid of them from your diet completely for this keto diet to work.


The answer is yes you can. There is a documentary called The Magic pill on Netflix which goes into depths about the keto diet with real participants which took part in a keto diet test. Many of the participants had lost weight in the process and have even managed to control illnesses such as epilepsy, cancer and diabetes.

How can you lose fat when you’re on a diet which is mostly based on fats? Well when your body goes into ketosis it burns fat instead of carbohydrates so what does that mean? It burns the fat that your eating anyway because your body’s main source of fuel is going to be fat. It’s also equally important that your active and limit how much you eat especially if your wanting to lose weight eat less and also track how many calories your consuming. If you want to gain weight on the other hand you have to be consuming more than your burning. Use a calculator to find out how many calories you should be consuming.



The keto diet is in its early stages so the long term affects are unknown well at least scientifically because before the 21st century people did not eat as much processed carbs because they didn’t have all the process foods we have in our stores today, they lived on a diet which high in meats and veg meaning their diet consisted of a lot of fat. People even though they didn’t live for long they didn’t die from dietary problems instead more from infections and viruses which are not caused by dietary problems. In the 21st century there’s more people dying from dietary problem such as diabetes and heart disease and even cancer which can be related to diet as well. Even though we do not have enough scientific evidence, history does show that many people have lived well on a majority fat diet.

The keto diet is very hard to follow especially living in the west where fast food and processed food is literally everywhere and even poultry has been processed for preservation so buying fresh fruit and veg and certified organic grass fed meat is also a must to see the full range of benefits of the keto diet.

So hopefully this article may have helped clear a few things up. If you want to try a new diet then definitely try this one. This diet however is not for everyone especially if your not doing it so much for weight loss but again there are very good health benefits such as better immunity to illnesses, less fatigue and better skin health. We suggest you watch a Netflix documentary call “Magic pill”. It is about the Keto diet so you'll get a better understanding behind the keto diet.

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