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Our sleepy head essential oil mix is a mixture of pure essential oils to help with a restful night sleep.The mix works by helping calm the mind which makes it easier to fall asleep.


Lavender - Lavender essential oil is a well known mood enhancer and helps calm the mind. Lavender oil is used in aromatherapy, skincare & haircare


Chamomile - Chamomile essential oil is extracted from the flowers of the chamomile plant. Chamomile is also known as a natural relaxant and helps calm the mind.


Ylang ylang - Ylang ylang has a distinct sweet fragrance. Ylang ylang comes from the Calanga tree. Ylang ylang oil helps with uneasiness, sleeplessness etc.


How to use?


This oil can be rubbed into the skin around the sinuses please dilute with a carrier oil, coconut, jojoba, olive oil or almond oil work best. After rubbing in allow to sit. Can also be left overnight.


Alternatively add to bath water before sleeping. Just add a couple of drops into bath water. When adding to bath water it does not require diluting but can be done If wanted to.


Add a couple of drops to warm bowl of water and inhale. Do not add to boiling water.




As with all products that may come into contact with skin we highly recommend you do a patch test before full application.




Blessman's is a brand committed to provide the best quality products for health & well being of all our users at an affordable price without compromising quality. We also want to prioritise the health of our planet for which is why we aim to use only 1% or less of plastic packaging for each product. The 1% plastic which is used is recycled and recyclable and is to allow easier application of our products. We are constantly looking for ways to completely go plastic free. If you have any ideas of ways we can be doing more please let us know.


- bottled in the UK

- pure steam distilled for potency and premium quality 

less plastic packaging

Sustainably sourced

No animal testing




Essential oil mix for sleep | Blessman's | Chamomile, lavender, ylang ylang

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