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Melissa pure essential oil is steam distilled for the best premium quality & fragrance. Melissa essential oils has a sweet citrus smell. There are many properties & benefits that Melissa essential oil holds due to it popularity in cosmetic products.


Melissa essential oil has antiseptic properties which inhibit the growth of bacteria. This is useful for cold sores, acne & spots. It also has anti-inflammatory properties which is best used for the body to help relieve muscle aches, cramp etc. Melissa essential oil should be diluted with a carrier oil such as almond oil, coconut oil or olive oil. Add 5-10 drops for every 50ml.


Melissa essential oil can also be added to baths, just add 5-10 drops, there should be a slight hint of the aroma of Melissa oil. 


Alway do a patch test before full application.


Help cut back on plastic.


Blessman's loves making natural products powered by essential oils with zero preservative, parabens & anything artificial because it's important that products are natural and safe for all our amazing customers. Whilst doing this we want to protect our planet. All our products come in, an average 90% plastic free packaging. The last 10% comes from recycled plastics & aluminium. We are always looking for ways to reduce our plastic usage wherever possible. 



As with all cosmetic products we suggest you do a patch test before full application on skin. Please read the full list of ingredients on the back of the label.



Pure Melissa(lemon balm) essential oil

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