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Pure undiluted cedarwood (Himalayan) essential oil is derived from leaves & bark of the cedar tree. Cedarwood has a woody aroma & is yellow in colour. Suitable for aromatherapy, skin & hair, though cedar wood must be diluted with a carrier oil when used on skin or hair. 


Cedarwood essential oil has found to have anti-inflammatory properties which help relieve inflamed skin, acne & spots. Cedarwood essential oil has also been linked to hair loss treatment and may reduce hair-loss in some cases. This may be due to the fact that cedarwood oil can help improve dry itchy scalp which results in healthier hair growth.


Cedarwood has a beautiful woody smell, just add a few drop to your bath & enjoy the benefits of cedarwood essential oil for skin. 


Make your home smell beautiful by making your own fabric spray. For every 100ml of distilled water add 2 drops of cedarwood and spray away. The natural antiseptic properties in cedarwood kill bad bacteria that cause odours in fabric around your home. 

Pure cedarwood essential oil

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