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Indian frankincense also known as serrata essential oil. 100% pure undiluted Indian frankincense which is harvested from frankincense tree in india. This specific species of frankincense serrata is one of the richest and highest quality types of frankincense available on the market.  



- Freshly made to order so you get fresh products made just for you  

- 100% cruelty free products 

- Preservative & paraben free product 

- 99% less plastic in our packaging  

- Sustainably sourced ingredients 


Frankincense has been used for thousands of years by our ancestors for it powerful therapeutic, healing, anti-inflammatory properties and its ability to reduce symptoms of stress, depression & anxiety many of these are backed by dozens of studies. (This product will not cure anxiety or depression this will only relieve anxiety & stress for short term periods, if you are suffering from depression, please seek professional medical help.) 


Suffer from skin problems? Indian frankincense can help sooth inflammation which comes with acne and prevent further inflammation & acne.  


By buying from Blessman's you're helping the planet. Our packaging is 99% plastic free, the 1% is the oil dropper cap which is made from recycled plastic. Everything else is 100% recycled glass, aluminum & paper. 


Indian frankincense can be used on skin, hair, in baths & compatible essential oil diffusers.




Indian serrata frankincense essential oil

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