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The sun has come back out again and the temperatures are slowly increasing and are at least bearable. So what better time than now to get the latest spring men's fashion essentials you definitely should try.  These next few months of spring is great for men's wear. Why? Because during spring it's not too cold neither is it too hot so you don't have to wear layers on layers of clothes as you would in winter nor do you have to just t-shirts and shorts which can become repetitive during the summer months. This is why spring is a great season for men's fashion, you can even experiment with different styles of clothes as well.  


We've come up with 5 spring essentials every guy needs this spring. These 5 spring essentials can be worn by any guy and are a must-have for every guy out there.  

1: Suede Chelsea boots 

Yes, you may have heard of Chelsea boot or even own a pair, just never knew how to wear it.  If you think trainers are a must so are Chelsea boots. You may be thinking why Chelsea boots? This is because Chelsea boots are versatile. It is flexible and comes in many different materials mainly leather and coated leather both of which are somewhat water resistant. This is great for spring because during this season it isn't always raining but you may have the odd rainy shower here and there, so at least you know your covered. Chelsea boots will keep the cold out but not only that it will also let air out which is again, great for the spring season.


Characteristics of Chelsea boots 


  • Chelsea boots come in many different colors so it is great for any outfit 

  • Water resistant  

  • Made from leather and looks modern  


  • Material makes the shoe breathable  

  • Smart & causal, so you can even wear them to work 


How to wear them? 


The best part as we mentioned about this accessory is that it goes with a variety of different outfit because there is such a vast amount of colors and even different shades in which Chelsea boots are available in. There are obvious outfits that we do not suggest you wear Chelsea boots with such as a tracksuit bottom, yes, take it from us it won't look good so don’t try it. But it will look great with jeans such as light blue jeans and light khaki Chelsea boots. They can also be worn in many other colors of jeans and chinos.   


A tip to protect your Chelsea boots, use a protection spray on your Chelsea boots in order to keep them in tip-top condition. It's available on Amazon just click here 

2: Thin Sweaters

During the spring season, it may be a bit cold, you might not want to wear a thick jumper which you used during winter, this is why it's a great idea to stock up on some thin sweaters. You don't want to be wearing a thick coat or a thick jacket because it'll make you sweat. A sweater is easy to wear on top of a shirt or t-shirt. If the weather does decide to get a bit warmer later in the day, you can easily take it off. It also comes in a variety of different colors so you have more to choose from. And even get it in multiple colors for different outfits.



Characteristics of Sweaters/sweatshirts


  • It's thin so it's very breathable, great for the spring season 

  • suitable for casual/smart men's outfit, it can be worn on top of a shirt for a smarter look which is great for office-based work 

  • Comes in a vast amount of colors, so it is great for any guy no matter your color preference or the style you're aiming to go for  


Where to buy Sweaters from? 


Thin stylish sweaters for men are easy to find online or in store. Some of the larger retail stores such as ASOS & H&M stock men's sweaters in a variety of sizes and colors. 

3: Denim Jacket 

Denim jackets have been around for years and will be around for a lot longer. Why? Because it's so versatile. It goes with many different outfits and comes in different shades and colors so it can easily be implemented into any outfit. Denim jackets are lightweight and thin so you won't feel stuffy or too hot during the warmer days in spring, it can even be worn as part of a layering piece on top of a thin sweater or even t-shirt.  

Where to buy denim Jackets from? 


A great place to buy denim jackets from is ASOS because they have denim jackets in a variety of styles, sizes & colors. You can even buy t-shirt and tops which will make a great outfit with the denim jacket from the exact same place all in the comfort of your home. 

If you live in the UK Next is also a good option but for all, you guys where ever you may be from, H&M is an awesome place to get denim Jacket at affordable prices and is available online and at your nearest H&M store. 

4: Belts 

A belt can make a "good" outfit look great. During the winter months normally, you would have wrapped up in layers on top of layers of clothes, which hides away your belt, so usually, there's no point in really wear one if your trousers are not loose. However, during the spring as it's getting a little warmer certain days you may realize that you don’t need to wear a jacket and in order to make up for the missing jacket consider wearing a belt. Belts can be worn with blazers, thin coats, shirts or even a thin sweater. So there are many outfits you can incorporate a belt into.

Where do you get good belts from? 


You may already have belts, but in order to stand out, you need the best performing belts with fashion in mind. That’s why we recommend Kore Essentials. They specialize in belts. All their belts are made from high-quality material, available in a variety of colors and designs to choose from and you never have to worry about ordering the right size again because all their belts come with the longest trackline you can find in any belt over the traditional belts with holes in them which are not always good for the best fit and comfort, Kore Essentials belts gives you more sizing points, so you never have to get it adjusted again. 


We've even got you a 10% discount code when you shop at their store just add Truryder10 at the checkout. To visit Kore Essentials, click here 

5: Lightweight Bomber jackets 

Bomber jackets have been around for many years and can be worn in any season. The bomber jacket was inspired by the US military's bomber crews. A thin bomber jacket is great to wear and very stylish in a season such as spring because it can be worn on top of a t-shirt, sweatshirt or thin sweater and adds dimension. It's also a great addition on days when it's a bit colder outside. Bomber jackets come in a variety of different colors and styles so it can be worn with any outfit.  

A useful tip when wearing a bomber jacket, it to make sure the jacket is a slim fit through the sleeves because sometimes on some bomber jackets the sleeve can be baggy and will make you look older than you are, so that's something you don’t want.

Characteristic of a bomber jacket? 


  • Comes in lightweight materials 

  • Great for layering piece  

  • Can be worn with many different outfits and for a casual look 

  • It is available in many different colors 


Where to buy from? 


Bomber jackets are available in stores and we suggest you go to men's clothing stores instead of buying it online if possible. This is so that the exact fit is found as we mentioned earlier some bomber jackets are a bit baggy on the sleeve, so if you can try it on first it'll save you from having to return it. H&M stores stock a variety of bomber jackers. Another store which is also good is River Islands


All of the essential above will suit any kind of guy no matter what age or your build. Try at least one of these essentials or all of them this spring 2018. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter so that you do not miss out on any of our posts. 


Quote of the day:


"The real man smiles in trouble, gathers strength from distress, and grows brave by reflection."


Thomas Paine

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