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How many times should I be washing my ha



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There is a big divide on how many times you should really wash your hair. Some say once a week, some say every day and others say every other day. We will discuss how many times you should really be washing your hair and why.

So, how many times should I be washing my hair?


Even though this is a very simple question it really depends on what you do with your hair and how your hair naturally is. There are three categories. Depending on which category you fall into, this is the number of times we recommend you wash your hair every week.

Category 1

If you use a lot of hair products such as hair spray, clay, gel, etc, we recommend you wash your hair every other day. This is so that the products do not build up. A lack of washing hair often can lead to hairspray and hair products hardening up and can embed itself on the scalp which blocks pores and causes irritation to the scalp may even cause hair loss in the long term due to hair follicles being clogged up.

We strongly suggest you use a shampoo which does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate instead use a shampoo which does not use this ingredient or any sulfates at all. This is because as you will be washing your hair more often a shampoo which uses sodium lauryl sulfate can dry the scalp out which you do not want.

Category 2

If you do not use any hair products at all but find that you have greasy hair then we recommend you shampoo your hair once every three days. We also strongly suggest you stop using shampoos which use sodium lauryl sulfate. Sodium lauryl sulfate is harsh on the scalp and gets rid of all the natural oil on the hair. The scalps natural reaction to a shampoo and wash is to produce even more oil on the scalp to replace the oils lost from the wash. This is why you will find your hair gets greasy quickly.

When starting this routine you may find your hair will get greasy this is just an adjustment period for your scalp. Give it 2-3 weeks to fully adjust to the new hair wash routine.

Category 3

If you have a dry scalp and use hair products once in a while we suggest you wash your hair every other day or once every three days. If you use hair products wash off the next day this is to stop the hair products building up.


A dry scalp can get aggravated by hair products such as hair spray which use alcohol. We suggest you use minimal amounts of hairspray if possible and also use a shampoo which is sodium lauryl sulfate-free. 

We also suggest you use natural essential oils on your hair and scalp before you wash your hair this should be done once a week. A natural essential oil such as Rosemary oil is great for people who suffer from a dry scalp as it helps rebalance the scalps natural oil production. It stimulates the scalp and loosens a tight scalp. This will give your hair more life as well and it smells great.

Blessman naturals rosemary essential oil

So we hope this helps answer your question. If you have any question you want us to answer let us know in the comments below. Give this blog a thumbs up if it helped you out. And subscribe more blogs like this one.

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