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do multivitamins work



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So in recent years, the supplement industry has boomed into a multi-million dollar industry. This has been led by the fact that supplements have been marketed as a quick and easy way to stay healthy without having to consume a ton of food to get the same amount of minerals and vitamins you could get from a small multivitamin pill. The fact that a tiny pill can give you your daily recommended vitamin intake rather than having to consume a ton of food is compelling for many people to buy a multivitamin. But do multivitamins actually work? A study carried out by Toronto University and St Michael hospital in Canada found that Multivitamin may increase the risk of death!


Do multivitamins actually work

Multivitamin tablets may not work because our bodies naturally waste excess vitamins and minerals to rebalance the levels. So if you have a good diet which has all nutrient your body needs, taking a supplement will just mean your body will dispose of the excess vitamins and mineral, therefore, you will see no difference to your health at all.

It is sometimes recommended to take multivitamins if you are very active as your body requires more resources and a multivitamin may give that little extra boost.


Another major reason a multivitamin may not work which many multivitamin companies do not want to tell you is that many vitamins do not get absorbed due to a lack of micronutrients. Most multivitamins are concentrated forms of several vitamins mixed together. Some of these vitamins work against each other. Therefore reducing the absorption of each type of vitamin. Also when consuming a wholefood, for example, an apple you will get vitamins and minerals in less concentrated form which work together. There are also several micronutrients present in the apple needed for the vitamin to get absorbed effectively by the body.


If you have a busy life and are fairly active then we do recommend you take a multivitamin but also making sure you still maintain a healthier varied diet with fruit, veg, and meats. There has not been any scientific evidence that multivitamins can increase life expectancy or decrease the chances of illnesses. If you are worried you may be deficient in a certain vitamin or mineral get a check-up from a professional pediatrician. They may ask or a blood test to be taken to check whether or not you may be deficient. This is the best course of action to making sure you are maintaining a healthy level of vitamins and minerals.

That all for this blog. Hope this was informative. Leave your thoughts about multivitamins do you think they work? 

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