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Most stylish instagrammers


8 most fashionable males

Celebrities are some of the most influential people in the world. They influence the clothes we wear, the cars we drive, diets we follow, exercises we do, music we listen to, films we watch and the list goes on. So its no surprise that celebrities can start fashion trends. If you want to stay ahead of the latest trend or the next big thing then these are the top 8 most fashionable celebrities you should keep a look out for.



ryan goslin

Other than the fact that millions of women have a crush on this guy because of his good looks he also has incredible fashion sense. From a wide array of different outfits mainly smart and casual wear which inspire many outfits we see social media influencers share with their followers.




pharrell williams.jpg

Pharrell Williams is known as a men’s fashion icon with his incredibly put together outfits which consists of accessories and array of different pieces totaling up to an eye-catching outfit. Pharrell Williams is known to starting trends with a mixture of pieces you won’t see men wear every day together.




zac efron

Zac Efron is another well-known young male celebrity which has a cool fashion sense with mainly seen in casual wear you may see him in a suit and tie.




Kanye west

This may not come to many as a surprise. His outfits tend to go viral online as he is very popular on social media. He even has his own yeezy shoe collection. His outfits mainly consists of street wear some of which men may question whether they  would wear it outside but overall he is a great creator of coming up with the next big thing and even making old styles popular again like he did with ripped jeans.




harry styles

One of the most well-known faces from the world most popular boy band Harry style is one of the youngest on this list. He may be young but his fashion sense is by far one of the best. With outfits which have amazing individual pieces put together making his style one of a kind. If your after something different then this guy is the person you should be following on your socials.




david beckham

David beckham is a common household name. Everybody knows this man a very manly masculine figure in the men’s fashion industry. His outfits consist of smart and casual wear. David Beckhams style can be followed by younger men and even older men as well.




travis scott

Travis Scott is quite a well-known young rapper. His style is quite different compared to the celebrities on this list. He mainly rocks street wear.


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