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As we approach the midway point of 2018, there has already been a fair share of trends some good and others not so much. In this post, we will discuss 7 men's fashion trends that are likely going to go big in the coming months as we approach summer. These fashion trends include all sorts of men's wear from a t-shirt, trousers, short and shoes so continue to read on because there will definitely be something which you can try.  Let's get in to it. 

7- Floral patterning t-shirt/shirts 

Anything with floral patterning is getting a lot more popular in men's wear. This trend has been around for very long but many have shied away from wearing something that stands out so much and was once thought to be feminine. But now it is becoming a more frequent sighting to see men wearing floral patterning on shirts, t-shirts, jacket and even shorts. Floral patterned clothing is especially great for summer giving off a nice summery vibe. It will also make you come across more confident to women and not only that, it will also make you feel more confident. Come on, a man who can rock a floral t-shirt or shirt can pretty much rock anything and look good doing it.  

Floral patterned clothing is great for any formal or even informal events such as weddings and parties. Also, there is a wide combination of colors that you can pick from so your spoilt for choice. This makes floral patterned clothing more versatile and can be worn with a variety of different outfits.  

Great floral-patterned outfits and clothing can be bought from outlets such as ASOS, H&M, TOPMAN and Reiss and many more online shops.  

6- White/light chino & jeans 

Light colored jeans, chinos or short are getting popular by the day. Some men might not be comfortable wearing very light colored trouser or shorts and it might feel strange at first. But a simple and good way to get into wearing light colored trousers is to start off with lighter shades, for example, a light shade of navy blue will be a good start then work your way up to lighter and lighter shades till your comfortable enough to wear white.


Why wear light-colored trouser and shorts? Women love confident men, and wear light colors makes a man stand out, therefore, showing confidence. It's also great for men who want to build their confidence as well. Wearing something which makes you stand out is something that shy men need so that it becomes the new normal for them to start wearing light colors without having to think about it so much which in turn builds your confidence. And you'll be getting all the girls.  

Light coloured trouser go with a variety of outfits and can be worn to any occasion so long it is worn right.  


Where to buy from? 


Light colored jeans can be bought from a variety of in-store or online stores such as H&M , ASOS or Next   

5- Clothes with stripes 

You may have realized that striped clothing is starting to become part of our daily fashion outfits. Stripes have been on clothes for many years but just now are they starting to gain huge amounts of popularity from both women and men and even many celebrities. Brands like Gucci and Versace have released clothing with colored stripes on them, and most obvious Adidas, have all influenced this trend. The amount of variety in striped clothing is incredible from size to color everyone has a stripe that matches them, it's all about trial and error.  

Vertical stripes are best for short people wanting to look a little taller. It has been proven that vertical strips can appear to elongate the body giving the impression that you are taller.   


Where to buy from? 


There are many stores which sell striped clothing, one great choice would be ASOS because they have a great selection to choose from, suitable for all type of men no matter your age or build.  

4- Cuban collars 

This was not so much of a popular clothing item for men before Chris Pine was seen wearing it. The actor from a blockbuster movie Wonder Woman got the Cuban collar in fashion and it's having it affects even to this day. And its popularity is set to grow amongst men.

Some of you men will be asking why? Because it's a cooler version of a simple shirt. The folded collar gives it, its own uniqueness. Any man who wears a Cuban collared shirt will surely stand out because it adds character. Cuban shirts can be brought in a variety of colors but light colors tend to look the best on men. If your one of them guys with a narrow shoulder then the Cuban collar is great for you because it'll give the impression that your shoulders are broader.  

Cuban collars can be worn to formal or non-formal events such as parties and also can be added to any outfit. It looks great by itself or with a jacket on top. Cuban collars are especially great for spring and summer seasons.  

3- Distressed Denim jackets 

Denim jackets have been in style for some time. Like ripped jeans and distressed jeans, distressed denim jackets have also started to gain some popularity amongst men as well. Why wouldn't they? It's great for spring and summer on the days that it’s a bit breezier but still sunny so it gives you that balance of the summer look, without leaving you completely out in the open with just a t-shirt during a colder day for example. Also distressed denim jacket are usually very thin so it can be worn over many tops, white or light grey tops look great with a denim jacket. So, you got a ton of outfits that you can wear a distressed denim jacket with.  


There are not many negative aspects of the denim jacket. So, this is a must for every guy and will suit any guy so long it's worn right. It can also be bought from numerous locations online and in store, H&MASOS are both great stores to get this product from. 

2 – Denim shirts 

This is another one of the product which you might be quite familiar with and you may be thinking how this still in fashion? Believe it or not it is and its gaining more popularity amongst celebrities such as David Beckham. When you're not feeling a jacket, a denim shirt can be a great alternative. The denim shirt is thicker than most standard shirts, therefore, giving it the characteristics of a jacket.


A denim shirt can be used in formal events but you'll rarely see anyone with a denim jacket in a wedding for example. The best part about Denim shirts is the fact that it can be worn with the button undone and with a t-shirt underneath allowing you to add something different to your outfit, unlike many other normal shirts. Other than the fact that, Denim shirts can sometimes be unsuitable for a very hot summer day for example because it does tend to be quite thick, overall it makes for a great addition to any man's wardrobe.  

Denim shirts come in different shades so just think about how many different outfits you can wear a denim shirt with? It also available on ASOS, H&M, River Island and Zara

1- Loafers 

Some men just hate loafers and if your one of them, don’t. Why? Because they have a ton of useful benefits to them which can make your outfit stand out even more. Loafers are great for formal occasions such as wedding and any other formal events you can think of. They're great for casual wear as well. They come in many different styles and colors so you have a variety of loafers to choose from whichever style or color suits you best. The slip-on loafer it easy to get on and off which is great for summer and they add a hint of class.   

It's very easy to wear loafer on wrong because loafers suit a very particular look. Look at some of the images below to give you some idea of the outfits you can wear loafers with. Also, read up on article Men's guide to loafers written by The trend Spotters, it’s a great place to start to learn how to properly wear loafers. 


CLICK HERE to read.


Loafers can be bought from a number of places such as Schuh, ASOS , H&M and Next.  


Quote of the day:


"Man is nothing else but what he makes of himself"

Jean Paul Satre


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